Singularity Radiation Convertor

Market Price: 30,247 ISK


Race: Triglavian
Market: Market > Manufacture & Research > Components > Advanced Components > Triglavian
Inventory: Commodity > Construction Components

Image Description
Singularity Radiation Convertor
A power generation system component used in Triglavian ship designs and others adapted from such designs. Potentially useful as a component in various other technologies.

This power generation technology works by converting into usable energy the radiation produced by the singularity that is the critical feature of Triglavian power systems.

Item Data
1.00 m3
1.00 kg

Item Usage (4)

Item Quantity
Draugur Blueprint 18
Ikitursa Blueprint 22
Nergal Blueprint 16
Zarmazd Blueprint 20
Used for 4 things

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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