Datacore - Triglavian Quantum Engineering

Market Price: 71,648 ISK


Race: Triglavian
Market: Market > Manufacture & Research > Research Equipment > Datacores
Inventory: Commodity > Datacores

Image Description
Datacore - Triglavian Quantum Engineering
This datacore is of Triglavian design and contains a vast amount of information pertaining to Triglavian approaches to quantum engineering. The device should be invaluable in reverse-engineering Triglavian designs and making breakthroughs in the invention of new technologies based on the precursor civilization's science.

Item Data
0.1000 m3
1.00 kg

Item Usage (4)

Item Quantity
Damavik Blueprint 2
Kikimora Blueprint 4
Rodiva Blueprint 8
Vedmak Blueprint 8
Used for 4 things

Offered in LP Stores

Offered Cost Where
5x Datacore - Triglavian Quantum Engineering
1,000 LP + 1,000,000 ISK
10x Triglavian Survey Database

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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