Triglavian Encryption Methods

Baseprice: 15,000,000 ISK
Market Price: 185,126 ISK


Race: Triglavian
Market: Market > Skills > Science
Inventory: Skill > Science

Image Description
Triglavian Encryption Methods
Understanding of the data encryption methods used by the Triglavian Collective.

Critical to the research and development of advanced ship designs based on Triglavian technology.

Skill Info
Primary Attribute:
Secondary Attribute:
Training Time Multiplier:
Required Skills
Science 5
Metallurgy 4
Science 4
Research 4
Science 3

Item Usage (9)

Item Quantity
Damavik Blueprint 1
Entropic Radiation Sink I Blueprint 1
Heavy Entropic Disintegrator I Blueprint 1
Heavy Mutadaptive Remote Armor Repairer I Blueprint 1
Kikimora Blueprint 1
Light Entropic Disintegrator I Blueprint 1
Rodiva Blueprint 1
Supratidal Entropic Disintegrator I Blueprint 1
Vedmak Blueprint 1
Used for 9 things

Offered in LP Stores

Offered Cost Where
1x Triglavian Encryption Methods
30,000 LP + 30,000,000 ISK
300x Triglavian Survey Database

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacity Capacity 0 m3
mass Mass 0 kg
volume Volume 0.01 m3
Attribute Name Display Name Value
inventionBonus   10
radius   1

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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