Decayed Entropic Radiation Sink Mutaplasmid

Baseprice: 1,000 ISK
Market Price: 3,768,531 ISK


Market: Market > Ship and Module Modifications > Mutaplasmids > Weapon Upgrade Mutaplasmids > Entropic Radiation Sink Mutaplasmids
Inventory: Commodity > Mutaplasmids

Image Description
Decayed Entropic Radiation Sink Mutaplasmid
This bioadaptive mutaplasmid tool is designed to interface with and alter devices capable of containing the radiation generated by Entropic Disintegrators. As such this mutaplasmid could be used to mutate the performance characteristics of entropic radiation sinks.

Triglavian bioadaptive technology makes extensive use of engineered colonies of extremophilic bacteria, that are used to grow, harvest and adapt various resources found in Abyssal Deadspace. Artificial colonizing plasmids integrated into specialist tools used for direct adaptation of technology can be found in Triglavian caches in various stages of development. These mutaplasmids can be used to alter the characteristics of a wide variety of equipment types, depending on the strain and the bioadaptive tool with which they are integrated.

The mutaplasmid colony integrated into this bioadaptive tool has begun to decay and mutation effects will be less pronounced as a result. While possible mutational benefits are low, the risks of using this mutaplasmid are also reduced.

Item Data
1.00 m3
1.00 kg

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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