Astero Deathglow Hunters SKIN (Permanent)

Market Price: 7,174,482 ISK


Race: Gallente
Market: Market > Ship SKINs > Frigates > Faction Frigates > Pirate Faction
Inventory: SKINs > Permanent SKIN

The substance nicknamed 'Deathglow' can be obtained by refining a rare mineral obtained from asteroids that have been altered by the strange gravitational and electromagnetic effects of certain deadspace pockets lying in the zones between 'shallow', stable deadspace and the truly twisted depths of abyssal deadspace.

The Deathglow Hunters are notorious criminals and partake of frenzied rituals using the substance. Recent intelligence suggests the Deathglow gangs are largely affiliated with the Blood Raider Covenant, a development that may indicate a desire on the part of the Blood Raiders to expand their operations into the drugs and boosters trade.

Item Data
0.0100 m3

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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