Disabled Swarm Overmind

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Inventory: Entity > Spawn Container

Image Description
Disabled Swarm Overmind
512 | 1024 (2009) | 2048 (2009)
This Rogue Swarm Overmind appears to have been disabled or subverted, perhaps by means of some variety of intrusion countermeasures software. It might be possible to hack into this disabled rogue drone and release the locks on its internal holds. This does entail a risk of triggering an alert signal to other Swarm Overminds, or perhaps disrupting whatever has disabled this drone vessel.


  Hitpoints Resistancies Uniformity* Repair / Boost Notes
EM Explosive Kinetic Thermal Amount Interval Chance Rate
Shield: No shields        
Armor: No armor        
Structure: 10,000,000 HP 0 % 0 % 0 % 0 % 0 %  
* When the hitpoints gets below this percentage, damage start seeping through to the lower level.

Signature Radius:
500 m

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacity Capacity 600 m3
mass Mass 105,000,000 kg
volume Volume 1,010,000 m3
Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacitorCapacity Capacitor Capacity 2,700 GJ
Attribute Name Display Name Value
disallowAssistance Disallows Assistance True
Required Skills
Attribute Name Display Name Value
hackable   True
requiredSkill1 Primary Skill required Hacking
requiredSkill1Level   1
Attribute Name Display Name Value
radius   250
spawnWithoutGuardsToo   1
tierDifficulty   3
Attribute Name Display Name Value
entityEquipmentMax   0
entityEquipmentMin   0

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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