Excoriator Slaver

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Race: Amarr
Inventory: Entity > Irregular Frigate

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Excoriator Slaver
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The Excoriator-variant of the famed Executioner-class frigate is little used by official forces of the Amarr Empire, with last reports on the status of the variant showing that it sees most use among units of the House Ardishapur security fleets and elements of the Ammatar Mandate's quasi-independent navy.

This is mostly due to the adaptations of this frigate for the transport of small numbers of assault troops and, potentially, prisoners forward of the reactors in each wing of the ship. The design compromises made to the essence of the Executioner's frigate-to-frigate combat role, involving less powerful engines and smaller reactor assemblies, made for an unsatisfactory variant and it fell out of favor due to the many other options available based on more suitable Amarr hull designs.

As this variant was cheaper and marketed as "multi-role" it was manufactured in large numbers for the House fleets market. Most of the surviving examples were sold to the mercenary and privateer market, nominally, following the Heideran VII Edict on House Fleets. In practice, these frigates made their way into the hands of renegade slaver outfits who saw great value in a ship that could rapidly execute a raid and withdraw with a choice selection of prisoners in its hold.


  Per Hit Interval Per Second Range Falloff Turret Tracking
or Expl. Velocity
Sig. Radius
EM Exp Kin The EM Exp Kin The
Turrets: 42 18 2.5 sec 17 8 7,500 m 2,000 m 434 40.0 m Shoots from: 15,000 m

Stasis Webifying
10,000 m
Speed Reduction:
-15 %
5.0 sec
Activation Cost:
7 GJ
370 GJ
Recharge Time:
2,000 sec
Peak Recharge Rate:
0.4 GJ/s


  Hitpoints Resistancies Uniformity* Repair / Boost Notes
EM Explosive Kinetic Thermal Amount Interval Chance Rate
Shield: 500 HP 0 % 60 % 50 % 20 % 100 %   0.60 HP/s
Armor: 2,000 HP 0 % 60 % 50 % 20 % 100 %  
Structure: 1,000 HP 0 % 0 % 0 % 0 % 0 %  
* When the hitpoints gets below this percentage, damage start seeping through to the lower level.

NPC Info
Security Increase:
AI Level:
Behavior AI (2018)
Uses capacitor level for effect activation
NPC Movement
Orbit Range:
7,500 m
Orbit Speed:
1,500.0 m/s
Max. Speed:
1,500 m/s
Inertia Modifier:
Calculated Angular Velocity:
~0.20000000 rad/sec.
Targeting Range:
28,000 m
Scan Resolution:
750 mm
Signature Radius:
208 m
Sensor Strength - Ladar:
11 points
Attack Targets:
Locked Targets:

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacity Capacity 115 m3
mass Mass 1,090,000 kg
volume Volume 28,100 m3
Attribute Name Display Name Value
disallowAssistance Disallows Assistance True
Attribute Name Display Name Value
warpSpeedMultiplier Warp Speed Multiplier 25x
Attribute Name Display Name Value
radius   13
Attribute Name Display Name Value
entityEquipmentMax   1
entityEquipmentMin   0
Attribute Name Display Name Value
entityBracketColour   1
gfxBoosterID   397
gfxTurretID   453
Entity Rewards
Attribute Name Display Name Value
entitySecurityMaxGain   5

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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