Agitated Firestorm Filament

Baseprice: 10,000 ISK
Market Price: 25,536 ISK


Market: Market > Trade Goods > Abyssal Filaments > Firestorm Filaments
Inventory: Commodity > Abyssal Filaments

Image Description
Agitated Firestorm Filament
This Abyssal Filament will pull a Tech I or Tech II Cruiser into a pocket of Abyssal Deadspace with a somewhat agitated environment, and blasted by plasma firestorms that will reduce Thermal resistance but enhance ship armor strength.

Warning: Abyssal Deadspace is a particularly harsh and unforgiving environment. Entanglement of the warp core with a space-time filament introduces severe deformations of the ship's warp field that cumulatively increase over time. After 20 minutes catastrophic collapse of the warp field is predicted, with destruction of the ship and capsule certain.

A device of Triglavian design that functions as one end of an energetically inert filament of space-time connected to a specific pocket of Abyssal Deadspace. When activated by a ship equipped with a warp core that has the correct mass-energy parameters, the filament becomes a conduit that will draw the activating vessel along it and into the connected deadspace pocket.

The mass-energy exchange involved leaves a highly energetic trace at the ship's origin point and the space-time filament remains entangled with the warp core of the ship that uses it. Triglavian Transfer Conduits will permit such a ship to progress through the deadspace pocket but an Origin Conduit will return the ship to its starting location in normal space.

Item Data
0.1 m3
1.0 m
Difficulty Tier:
Abyssal Environment:
Plasma Firestorm

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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