Noumenal Silencer

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Race: Sleepers
Inventory: Entity > Irregular Cruiser

Image Description
Noumenal Silencer
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This type of Sleeper drone shares a common design with fast attack units seen already seen in Anoikis but is in excellent trim and slight modifications convey the impression it is an updated design recently constructed and put into service.

This formidable Sleeper drone is part of a force operating in conjunction with Drifter strike groups and represents an escalation into New Eden from the depths of Anoikis.


  Per Hit Interval Per Second Range Falloff Turret Tracking
or Expl. Velocity
Sig. Radius
EM Exp Kin The EM Exp Kin The
Missiles: 79 79 9.0 sec 9 9 ~37,500 m   81 m/s 125.0 m Shoots from: 15,000 m


  Hitpoints Resistancies Uniformity* Repair / Boost Notes
EM Explosive Kinetic Thermal Amount Interval Chance Rate
Shield: No shields        
Armor: 4,800 HP 70 % 70 % 70 % 70 % 100 %  
Structure: 2,500 HP 0 % 0 % 0 % 0 % 0 %  
* When the hitpoints gets below this percentage, damage start seeping through to the lower level.

NPC Info
Security Increase:
NPC Movement
Orbit Speed:
1,800.0 m/s
Max. Speed:
1,800 m/s
Inertia Modifier:
Scan Resolution:
340 mm
Signature Radius:
150 m
Sensor Strength - Gravimetric:
20 points
Sensor Strength - Ladar:
20 points
Sensor Strength - Magnetometric:
20 points
Sensor Strength - Radar:
20 points
Locked Targets:

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacity Capacity 120 m3
mass Mass 10,900,000 kg
volume Volume 109,000 m3
Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacitorCapacity Capacitor Capacity 725 GJ
rechargeRate Capacitor Recharge time 1,000.0 sec
Attribute Name Display Name Value
warpSpeedMultiplier Warp Speed Multiplier 25x
Attribute Name Display Name Value
radius   150
Attribute Name Display Name Value
maxVelocity Maximum Velocity 1,800 m/sec
Attribute Name Display Name Value
entityEquipmentMax   1
entityEquipmentMin   0
Attribute Name Display Name Value
damageMultiplier Damage Modifier 1x
emDamage EM damage 20 HP
explosiveDamage Explosive damage 0 HP
falloff Accuracy falloff 20,000 m
kineticDamage Kinetic damage 0 HP
maxRange Optimal Range 40,000 m
optimalSigRadius Signature Resolution 125 m
speed Rate of fire 5.0 sec
thermalDamage Thermal damage 20 HP
trackingSpeed Turret Tracking 0.1
Attribute Name Display Name Value
gfxBoosterID   397
gfxTurretID   4045
Entity Rewards
Attribute Name Display Name Value
entitySecurityMaxGain   5

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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