Ragnarok Shakim Warlord SKIN (Permanent)

Market Price: 1,499,811,955 ISK


Race: Minmatar
Market: Market > Ship SKINs > Capital Ships > Titans > Standard Titans > Minmatar
Inventory: SKINs > Permanent SKIN

The clans of the Krusual Tribe, such as the martial Shakim Clan, have a proud history of defiance and maintaining their traditions in the face of the Amarr Empire's invasion of the Minmatar homeworld. From their mountain strongholds the Krusual were the one tribe that successfully resisted the worst of the occupation's ravages.

The Shakim Warlords, in particular, were not only fierce defenders of their mountainous domains but also feared among Amarr occupation troops as merciless leaders of raids against the invaders.

Item Data
0.0100 m3

Database: Invasion (2019-11-12)

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