Capsuleer Dawn Firework (Large)

Market Price: 419 ISK


Market: Market > Special Edition Assets > Special Edition Festival Assets
Inventory: Charge > Structure Festival Charges

Image Description
Capsuleer Dawn Firework (Large)
Celebrating the dawn of the Capsuleer space pilots, this pyrotechnic blasts the symbolism of the capsule into space in a multicolored firework display.

The Capsuleer Age began with the joining of the capsule and the clone in YC105, making it possible for independent spaceship captains to avail themselves of capsule technology and the benefits of high-fidelity cloning and personality transfer.

Note: this firework is designed for use in Standup Large Festival Launchers equipped to Upwell Structures.

Charge Data
Key Attributes
Max. Flight time:
100.0 sec
2,000 m/sec
Approx. Range:
200.0 km
Used with:
Structure Festival Launcher
0.1 m3
Tech Level:

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacity Capacity 0 m3
hp Structure Hitpoints 10 HP
mass Mass 100 kg
structureUniformity   1
Attribute Name Display Name Value
speedMultiplier rate of fire bonus 0 %
Attribute Name Display Name Value
aimedLaunch   1
armorPiercingChance   1
detonationRange   35.0 m
missileNeverDoesDamage   1
radius   1
Attribute Name Display Name Value
agility Inertia Modifier 3,000x

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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