♦ Augoror

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Race: Amarr
Inventory: Entity > ♦ Cruiser

Image Description
♦ Augoror
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In YC114 each major empire faction, having been embroiled in a harrowing, extensive, long-term war, recognized the growing need for support and logistics functionality in their vessels during the kind of protracted interstellar warfare that might otherwise prove exhausting for its participants. Both Frigate and Cruiser-class ships were put under the microscope, and in the Amarr Empire the outcome of the re-evaluation process led, among other developments, to a redesign and redeployment of the Augoror.

The Augoror-class cruiser is one of the old warhorses of the Amarr Empire, having seen action in both the Jovian War and the Minmatar Rebellion. Like most Amarr vessels, the Augoror depended first and foremost on its resilience and heavy armor to escape unscathed from unfriendly encounters. After its overhaul, it had some of the armor stripped off to make room for equipment allowing it to focus on the armor of other vessels, along with energy transfers.

Remote Armor Repair
46,375 m
13,250 m
1,092 HP
182.0 HP/s
6.0 sec
Activation Cost:
234 GJ
4,188 GJ
Recharge Time:
257 sec
Peak Recharge Rate:
39.2 GJ/s


  Hitpoints Resistancies Uniformity* Repair / Boost Notes
EM Explosive Kinetic Thermal Amount Interval Chance Rate
Shield: 1,250 HP 10 % 55 % 46 % 28 % 25 %   3.20 HP/s
Armor: 6,939 HP 70.246 % 52.393 % 55.369 % 61.32 % 100 %  
Structure: 1,938 HP 56.45 % 56.45 % 56.45 % 56.45 % 0 %  
* When the hitpoints gets below this percentage, damage start seeping through to the lower level.

NPC Info
Faction Standing Loss:
AI Level:
Diamond AI (20xx)
Fit build like regular ships
Uses capacitor level for effect activation
NPC Movement
Orbit Speed:
581.0 m/s
Max. Speed:
581 m/s
Inertia Modifier:
Targeting Range:
75,000 m
Scan Resolution:
375 mm
Signature Radius:
90.0 m
Sensor Strength - Radar:
15.6 points
Locked Targets:

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacity Capacity 465 m3
mass Mass 12,870,000 kg
volume Volume 115,000 m3
Attribute Name Display Name Value
radius   80
Attribute Name Display Name Value
gfxBoosterID   394
EW - Resistance
Attribute Name Display Name Value
energyWarfareResistance Capacitor Warfare Resistance 37 %

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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