Odin Synthetic Eye (left/gray)

Market Price: 40,048,698 ISK


Market: Market > Apparel > Accessories > Eyewear
Inventory: Apparel > Eyewear

Image Description
Odin Synthetic Eye (left/gray) The Odin synthetic eye is a favorite of space jockeys who still need to wine and dine with the best. Nanite-constructed filament-lenses and cutting-edge optics are suspended in a sterile gel, all housed in a membrane of transparent polyethylene terephthalate. The result is a fully functional human optic replacement subtle enough for any occasion.

Item Data

Volume: 0.1000 m3
Mass: 0.5000 kg

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
gender Gender 2 1=Male 2=Unisex 3=Female

Database: Rubicon 1.3.9 (761459)

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