Spectre Fleet's Modified Entosis Link


Race: Jove
Market: Market > Ship Equipment > Scanning Equipment > Entosis Links
Inventory: Module > Entosis Link

Image Description
Spectre Fleet's Modified Entosis Link
This Compact variation of the standard Entosis Link was developed by the research division of the Capsuleer organization Spectre Fleet. Spectre Fleet's forces were among the earliest to research the applications of Entosis technology and were able to optimize the standard Entosis Link for lower powergrid requirements. Originally intended for internal use only, copies of the blueprint have slipped onto the black market and can now be found by those with the right underworld connections.

This mysterious device is the result of reverse-engineering salvaged Drifter technology. It appears to use ancient Jovian techniques and materials to allow more efficient mind-machine links than were thought possible in the past. The practical applications of this technology are still unclear.

This module cannot be fitted to Interceptors.
This module requires a full warm-up cycle before beginning to influence targeted structures.
Ships fitted with an Entosis Link are unable to accelerate beyond 4000m/s using their normal sub-warp engines.
Once activated, this module cannot be deactivated until it completes its current cycle.
While an Entosis Link is active, the fitted ship cannot cloak, warp, jump, or dock.
Capital ships cannot receive remote assistance while they have an Entosis Link active.

Disclaimer: The Carthum Conglomerate, as well as its registered subsidiaries and partners, accepts absolutely no legal or ethical liability for any unforeseen consequences of connecting untested Drifter-derived technology directly to the user's mind.

Consumption Quantity:
1 units
Consumption Type:
Strontium Clathrates
Gravimetric Strength:
100 %
Ladar Strength:
100 %
Magnetometric Strength:
100 %
Radar Strength:
100 %
Optimal Range:
20,000 m
Entosis Assistance Impedance:
0 %
1 tf
7 MW
Activation Cost:
50 GJ
300.0 sec
Running Cost:
0.17 GJ/s
Requires a high power slot
Max. Fitted:
Required Skills
Infomorph Psychology 2
Tech Level:
Meta Level:
9,999,999 HP
10 m3


Group Name Range Activation Cost Duration CPU Powergrid
Tech I
Entosis Link I 20,000 m 50 GJ 300.0 sec 1 tf 10 MW
Tech I
Affirmative. Modified Entosis Link 20,000 m 20 GJ 300.0 sec 1 tf 10 MW
Tech I
Noir. Modified Entosis Link 20,000 m 50 GJ 300.0 sec 1 tf 10 MW
Tech I
Pandemic SPHERE Modified Entosis Link 24,000 m 50 GJ 300.0 sec 1 tf 10 MW
Tech I
Spectre Fleet's Modified Entosis Link 20,000 m 50 GJ 300.0 sec 1 tf 7 MW
Tech II
Entosis Link II 50,000 m 500 GJ 120.0 sec 5 tf 20 MW


Blueprint: Spectre Fleet's Modified Entosis Link Blueprint
Base Price: 200,000,000 ISK
Manufacturing Time: 1 hour
- Batch Size: 1

Recycling Output

Quantity Item Market Price
35,000  Isogen 463,400
4,000  Megacyte 1,436,080
10,000  Mexallon 401,200
10,000  Nocxium 2,344,900
10,000  Pyerite 47,400
10,000  Tritanium 53,400
6,000  Zydrine 2,849,220
Antikythera Element 704,515
= 8,300,115

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
entosisCPUAdd   0
canCloak   0
radius   1
siegeModeWarpStatus   100
Attribute Name Display Name Value
speedLimit   4,000 m/sec

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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