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Market Price: 475 ISK


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Inventory: Material > Mineral

Image Description
Only found in huge geodes; rocks on the outside with crystal-like quartz on the inside. The rarest and most precious of these geodes are those that contain the dark green zydrine within. Very rare and very expensive.

May be obtained by reprocessing the following ores:

0.0 security status solar system or lower:
Bistot, Monoclinic Bistot, Triclinic Bistot
Crokite, Sharp Crokite, Crystalline Crokite

0.2 security status solar system or lower:
Hedbergite, Vitric Hedbergite, Glazed Hedbergite
Hemorphite, Vivid Hemorphite, Radiant Hemorphite

0.4 security status solar system or lower:
Jaspet, Pure Jaspet, Pristine Jaspet

Item Data
0.0100 m3

Item Usage (851)

Item Quantity
'Abatis' 100mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 2
'Aurora Ominae' Thermal Doomsday Blueprint 37,758
'Bailey' 1600mm Steel Plates Blueprint 2
'Ballista' Tachyon Beam Laser I Blueprint 42
'Barrage' Torpedo Launcher Blueprint 4
'Bastion' 400mm Steel Plates Blueprint 12
'Cartel' Power Diagnostic System I Blueprint 4
'Catapult' Mega Beam Laser I Blueprint 18
'Chainmail' 200mm Steel Plates Blueprint 6
'Corporate' Light Electron Blaster I Blueprint 2
'Delineative' Warp Scrambler Blueprint 4
'Felon' Ion Blaster Cannon I Blueprint 12
'Full Duplex' Ballistic Control System Blueprint 14
'Gauntlet' Small Focused Beam Laser I Blueprint 4
'Ghost' Burst Jammer Blueprint 4
'Gjallarhorn' Explosive Doomsday Blueprint 37,638
'Halberd' Mega Pulse Laser I Blueprint 12
'Harness' Medium Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 2
'Interruptive' Warp Disruptor Blueprint 4
'Judgment' Electromagnetic Doomsday Blueprint 41,560
'Kindred' Gyrostabilizer Blueprint 4
'Lance' Medium EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint 6
'Mace' Dual Light Beam Laser I Blueprint 2
'Magpie' Mobile Tractor Unit Blueprint 948
'Noose' Cruise Missile Launcher Blueprint 4
'Oblivion' Kinetic Doomsday Blueprint 36,846
'Packrat' Mobile Tractor Unit Blueprint 948
'Pike' Small EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint 4
'Pilfer' Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I Blueprint 2
'Subverted' JVN-UC49 Blueprint 18
'Swindler' Electron Blaster Cannon I Blueprint 16
'Thurifer' Large Cap Battery Blueprint 4
'Trebuchet' Heat Sink Blueprint 6
'Underhand' Neutron Blaster Cannon I Blueprint 18
'Warhammer' Large EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint 4
'Wetu' Mobile Depot Blueprint 444
'Yurt' Mobile Depot Blueprint 444
10000MN Afterburner I Blueprint 1,748
100mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 2
100MN Afterburner I Blueprint 4
100MN Analog Booster Afterburner Blueprint 4
1200mm Artillery Cannon I Blueprint 18
1200mm Heavy 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 18
1400mm 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 42
1400mm Howitzer Artillery I Blueprint 42
150mm 'Musket' Railgun Blueprint 4
150mm Light AutoCannon I Blueprint 2
150mm Railgun I Blueprint 4
1600mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 2
200mm Railgun I Blueprint 18
200mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 6
25000mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 333
280mm 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 4
280mm Howitzer Artillery I Blueprint 4
350mm Railgun I Blueprint 206
400mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 12
425mm 'Popper' Railgun Blueprint 42
425mm Railgun I Blueprint 42
50000MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint 2,739
500MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive Blueprint 112
500MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint 112
50MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive Blueprint 2
50MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint 2
800mm Heavy 'Jolt' Repeating Cannon I Blueprint 12
800mm Repeating Cannon I Blueprint 12
Abaddon Blueprint 16,866
Algos Blueprint 60
Amarr Encounter Surveillance System Blueprint 56
Amarr Phenomena Generator Blueprint 8,000
Ametat I Blueprint 816
Ammatar Navy Armor EM Hardener Blueprint 4
Ammatar Navy Armor Explosive Hardener Blueprint 2
Ammatar Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Blueprint 2
Ammatar Navy Heat Sink Blueprint 6
Ammatar Navy Heavy Energy Neutralizer Blueprint 100
Ammatar Navy Medium Capacitor Booster Blueprint 2
Ammatar Navy Medium Energy Neutralizer Blueprint 40
Ammatar Navy Power Diagnostic System Blueprint 4
Ammatar Navy Small Energy Neutralizer Blueprint 2
Angel Control Tower Blueprint 44,444
Angel Control Tower Medium Blueprint 22,222
Angel Control Tower Small Blueprint 11,112
Antaeus I Blueprint 882
Apocalypse Blueprint 20,044
Apocalypse Imperial Issue Blueprint 15,928
Apocalypse Navy Issue Blueprint 19,804
Arbitrator Blueprint 1,112
Armageddon Blueprint 22,178
Armageddon Navy Issue Blueprint 22,178
Armor EM Hardener I Blueprint 16
Armor EM Resistance Script Blueprint 3
Armor Explosive Hardener I Blueprint 14
Armor Explosive Resistance Script Blueprint 5
Armor Kinetic Hardener I Blueprint 14
Armor Kinetic Resistance Script Blueprint 2
Armor Thermal Hardener I Blueprint 16
Armor Thermal Resistance Script Blueprint 5
Ashimmu Blueprint 1,280
Astero Blueprint 18
Atron Blueprint 12
Augoror Blueprint 778
Augoror Navy Issue Blueprint 1,112
Badger Blueprint 66
Ballistic Control System I Blueprint 14
Bantam Blueprint 4
Barghest Blueprint 21,381
Bastion Module I Blueprint 444
Bellicose Blueprint 1,000
Berserker I Blueprint 8
Berserker SW-900 Blueprint 8
Berserker TP-900 Blueprint 8
Bestower Blueprint 88
Bhaalgorn Blueprint 19,710
Blackbird Blueprint 1,222
Blood Control Tower Blueprint 44,444
Blood Control Tower Medium Blueprint 22,222
Blood Control Tower Small Blueprint 11,112
Bomb Launcher I Blueprint 414
Bosonic Field Generator Blueprint 75,563
Breacher Blueprint 4
Brutix Blueprint 4,888
Brutix Navy Issue Blueprint 3,662
Burst Blueprint 6
Burst Jammer I Blueprint 4
Caedes Blueprint 34
Caldari Encounter Surveillance System Blueprint 56
Caldari Navy 200mm Railgun Blueprint 18
Caldari Navy 350mm Railgun Blueprint 206
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System Blueprint 14
Caldari Navy Cloaking Device Blueprint 134
Caldari Navy Cruise Missile Launcher Blueprint 4
Caldari Navy Heavy Assault Missile Launcher Blueprint 4
Caldari Navy Hookbill Blueprint 12
Caldari Navy Micro Graviton Smartbomb Blueprint 2
Caldari Navy Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher Blueprint 4
Caldari Navy Warp Disruptor Blueprint 4
Caldari Navy Warp Scrambler Blueprint 4
Caldari Phenomena Generator Blueprint 8,000
Cambion Blueprint 4
Cap Booster 100 Blueprint 6
Cap Booster 150 Blueprint 8
Cap Booster 200 Blueprint 4
Cap Booster 3200 Blueprint 18
Cap Booster 400 Blueprint 4
Cap Booster 800 Blueprint 6
Capital Ancillary Armor Repairer Blueprint 4,731
Capital Ancillary Remote Armor Repairer Blueprint 4,422
Capital Ancillary Remote Shield Booster Blueprint 3,686
Capital Ancillary Shield Booster Blueprint 4,977
Capital Armor Plates Blueprint 682
Capital Armor Repairer I Blueprint 4,534
Capital Cap Battery I Blueprint 724
Capital Capacitor Battery Blueprint 660
Capital Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 3,461
Capital Cargo Bay Blueprint 286
Capital Clone Vat Bay Blueprint 1,082
Capital Computer System Blueprint 648
Capital Construction Parts Blueprint 538
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay Blueprint 938
Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount Blueprint 1,108
Capital Drone Bay Blueprint 486
Capital Emergency Hull Energizer I Blueprint 4,412
Capital Energy Neutralizer I Blueprint 17,000
Capital Flex Armor Hardener I Blueprint 2,595
Capital Flex Shield Hardener I Blueprint 2,651
Capital Hull Repairer I Blueprint 3,385
Capital Jump Bridge Array Blueprint 1,488
Capital Jump Drive Blueprint 908
Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint 860
Capital Power Generator Blueprint 728
Capital Propulsion Engine Blueprint 604
Capital Remote Armor Repairer I Blueprint 2,556
Capital Remote Capacitor Transmitter I Blueprint 2,268
Capital Remote Hull Repairer I Blueprint 2,556
Capital Remote Shield Booster I Blueprint 2,172
Capital Sensor Cluster Blueprint 666
Capital Shield Booster I Blueprint 5,466
Capital Shield Emitter Blueprint 696
Capital Shield Extender I Blueprint 2,717
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Blueprint 914
Capital Siege Array Blueprint 908
Capital Tractor Beam I Blueprint 11,800
Capital Turret Hardpoint Blueprint 876
Caracal Blueprint 1,400
Caracal Navy Issue Blueprint 1,222
Catalyst Blueprint 92
Celestis Blueprint 1,088
Cenobite I Blueprint 516
Chameleon Blueprint 202
Chremoas Blueprint 28
Clone Vat Bay I Blueprint 4,934
Coercer Blueprint 198
Concussion Bomb Blueprint 3,214
Condor Blueprint 2
Corax Blueprint 14
Cormorant Blueprint 214
Covert Cynosural Field Generator I Blueprint 2,188
Covert Jump Portal Generator I Blueprint 13,339
Covetor Blueprint 2,222
Crucifier Blueprint 22
Crucifier Navy Issue Blueprint 22
... 651 more ...
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