Antipharmakon Aeolis

Baseprice: 8,192 ISK
Market Price: 17,382,923 ISK


Market: Market > Implants & Boosters > Booster > Booster Slot 01 > Antipharmakon
Inventory: Implant > Booster

Image Description
Antipharmakon Aeolis
Scanning this object reveals a substance that could be used like a neural booster. This complex chemical has some similarities to boosters used to improve capsuleer performance with capacitor manipulation.

Given that the substance appears to be of Drifter origin, and exhibits some very unusual properties at the quantum level, using it as a booster should be considered carefully.

Item Data
1 m3
1.0 m
1 kg
Capacitor Modifier:
8 %
Booster Duration:
1,800.0 sec
Booster Slot:
Required Skills
Biology 1
Science 1

Offered in LP Stores

Offered Cost Where
1x Antipharmakon Aeolis
0 LP + 1,500,000 ISK
Sisters of EVE
3x Antipharmakon Aeolis
0 LP + 2,000,000 ISK
Sisters of EVE

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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