Baseprice: 32 ISK
Market Price: 40 ISK


Market: Market > Manufacture & Research > Materials > Minerals
Inventory: Material > Mineral

Image Description
Very flexible metallic mineral, dull to bright silvery green in color. Can be mixed with Tritanium to make extremely hard alloys or it can be used by itself for various purposes. Fairly common in most regions.

May be obtained by reprocessing the following ores:

0.0 security status solar system or lower:
Gneiss, Iridescent Gneiss, Prismatic Gneiss
Spodumain, Bright Spodumain, Gleaming Spodumain
Arkonor, Prime Arkonor, Crimson Arkonor

0.4 security status solar system or lower:
Jaspet, Pure Jaspet, Pristine Jaspet

0.7 security status solar system or lower:
Kernite, Luminous Kernite, Fiery Kernite

0.9 security status solar system or lower:
Plagioclase, Azure Plagioclase, Rich Plagioclase
Pyroxeres, Solid Pyroxeres, Viscous Pyroxeres

Item Data
0.0100 m3

Item Usage (1223)

Item Quantity
'Abatis' 100mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 311
'Arquebus' Heavy Beam Laser I Blueprint 3,599
'Aura' Warp Core Stabilizer I Blueprint 186
'Aurora Ominae' Thermal Doomsday Blueprint 395,432
'Bailey' 1600mm Steel Plates Blueprint 13,619
'Ballista' Tachyon Beam Laser I Blueprint 9,747
'Barbican' 800mm Steel Plates Blueprint 8,360
'Bastion' 400mm Steel Plates Blueprint 2,503
'Beatnik' Small Remote Armor Repairer Blueprint 112
'Bootleg' Remote Sensor Booster Blueprint 34
'Cartel' Power Diagnostic System I Blueprint 2
'Catapult' Mega Beam Laser I Blueprint 8,613
'Censer' Medium Cap Battery Blueprint 493
'Chainmail' 200mm Steel Plates Blueprint 842
'Citadella' 100mm Steel Plates Blueprint 181
'Crossbow' Focused Medium Beam Laser I Blueprint 2,413
'Crucible' Small Cap Battery Blueprint 153
'Dealer' Light Ion Blaster I Blueprint 83
'Delineative' Warp Scrambler Blueprint 334
'Desert Heat' Thermal Dissipation Field Blueprint 219
'Deuce' Co-Processor I Blueprint 179
'Distributor' Guidance Disruptor Blueprint 370
'Dyad' Co-Processor I Blueprint 179
'Enterprise' Remote Tracking Computer Blueprint 3
'Executive' Remote Sensor Dampener Blueprint 1,053
'Felon' Ion Blaster Cannon I Blueprint 7,197
'Firewall' Signal Amplifier Blueprint 738
'Full Duplex' Ballistic Control System Blueprint 636
'Gauntlet' Small Focused Beam Laser I Blueprint 21
'Ghost' Burst Jammer Blueprint 298
'Gjallarhorn' Explosive Doomsday Blueprint 569,903
'Glycerine' Shield Boost Amplifier Blueprint 574
'Greaves' Medium Armor Repairer I Blueprint 906
'Halberd' Mega Pulse Laser I Blueprint 7,197
'Harness' Medium Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 569
'Hauberk' Large Armor Repairer I Blueprint 1,027
'Hooligan' Heavy Ion Blaster I Blueprint 2,413
'Hustler' Heavy Neutron Blaster I Blueprint 2,827
'Inception' Target Painter Blueprint 470
'Interruptive' Warp Disruptor Blueprint 334
'Investor' Tracking Disruptor I Blueprint 370
'Joust' Heavy Pulse Laser I Blueprint 2,827
'Judgment' Electromagnetic Doomsday Blueprint 487,400
'Kindred' Gyrostabilizer Blueprint 518
'Lance' Medium EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint 28
'Longbow' Small Focused Pulse Laser I Blueprint 3
'Love' Medium Remote Armor Repairer Blueprint 108
'Mace' Dual Light Beam Laser I Blueprint 78
'Mafia' Energized Kinetic Membrane I Blueprint 7
'Meditation' Medium Armor Repairer I Blueprint 906
'Moonshine' Energized Thermal Membrane I Blueprint 7
'Natura' Warp Core Stabilizer I Blueprint 186
'Nugget' Kinetic Deflection Field Blueprint 219
'Oblivion' Kinetic Doomsday Blueprint 654,653
'Page' Capacitor Flux Coil I Blueprint 73
'Palisade' Cap Recharger I Blueprint 412
'Peace' Large Remote Armor Repairer Blueprint 112
'Pickaxe' Rapid Light Missile Launcher Blueprint 92
'Pike' Small EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint 17
'Pilfer' Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I Blueprint 1,612
'Plough' Heavy Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 488
'Poacher' EM Ward Field Blueprint 219
'Portcullis' Reactor Control Unit I Blueprint 2
'Posse' Adaptive Invulnerability Field Blueprint 219
'Protest' Large Armor Repairer I Blueprint 1,027
'Radical' Damage Control Blueprint 53
'Slither' Heavy Electron Blaster I Blueprint 1,199
'Snake Eyes' Explosive Deflection Field Blueprint 219
'Swindler' Electron Blaster Cannon I Blueprint 6,060
'Thurifer' Large Cap Battery Blueprint 1,307
'Trebuchet' Heat Sink Blueprint 318
'Underhand' Neutron Blaster Cannon I Blueprint 8,613
'Undertaker' Heavy Missile Launcher Blueprint 107
'Wild' Miner I Blueprint 119
10000MN Afterburner I Blueprint 135,255
100mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 311
100MN Afterburner I Blueprint 1,113
100MN Analog Booster Afterburner Blueprint 1,113
10MN Afterburner I Blueprint 3
10MN Analog Booster Afterburner Blueprint 3
1200mm Artillery Cannon I Blueprint 8,613
1200mm Heavy 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 8,613
125mm Railgun I Blueprint 103
1400mm 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 9,747
1400mm Howitzer Artillery I Blueprint 9,747
150mm 'Musket' Railgun Blueprint 171
150mm Railgun I Blueprint 171
1600mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 13,619
1MN Afterburner I Blueprint 1
1MN Analog Booster Afterburner Blueprint 1
200mm AutoCannon I Blueprint 83
200mm Light 'Jolt' Autocannon I Blueprint 83
200mm Railgun I Blueprint 1,167
200mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 842
220mm Vulcan AutoCannon I Blueprint 1,199
25000mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 374,182
250mm 'Flintlock' Railgun Blueprint 3,599
250mm Light 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 144
250mm Light Artillery Cannon I Blueprint 144
250mm Railgun I Blueprint 3,599
280mm 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 171
280mm Howitzer Artillery I Blueprint 171
350mm Railgun I Blueprint 5,731
400mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 2,503
425mm 'Popper' Railgun Blueprint 9,747
425mm AutoCannon I Blueprint 2,413
425mm Medium 'Jolt' Autocannon I Blueprint 2,413
425mm Railgun I Blueprint 9,747
50000MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint 219,718
500MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive Blueprint 4,321
500MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint 4,321
50MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive Blueprint 68
50MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint 68
5MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive Blueprint 229
5MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint 228
650mm Artillery Cannon I Blueprint 2,827
650mm Medium 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 2,827
720mm 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 3,599
720mm Howitzer Artillery I Blueprint 3,599
800mm Heavy 'Jolt' Repeating Cannon I Blueprint 7,197
800mm Repeating Cannon I Blueprint 7,197
800mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 8,360
Abaddon Blueprint 793,889
Acolyte EV-300 Blueprint 4
Acolyte I Blueprint 4
Acolyte TD-300 Blueprint 4
Adaptive Invulnerability Field I Blueprint 219
Adaptive Nano Plating I Blueprint 29
Algos Blueprint 8,100
Amarr Encounter Surveillance System Blueprint 431
Amarr Phenomena Generator Blueprint 500,000
Ametat I Blueprint 48,433
Ammatar Navy Adaptive Nano Plating Blueprint 29
Ammatar Navy Armor Thermal Hardener Blueprint 570
Ammatar Navy Cap Recharger Blueprint 412
Ammatar Navy EM Plating Blueprint 1
Ammatar Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Blueprint 1,612
Ammatar Navy Energized EM Membrane Blueprint 7
Ammatar Navy Energized Explosive Membrane Blueprint 7
Ammatar Navy Energized Kinetic Membrane Blueprint 7
Ammatar Navy Energized Thermal Membrane Blueprint 7
Ammatar Navy Explosive Plating Blueprint 1
Ammatar Navy Heat Sink Blueprint 318
Ammatar Navy Heavy Capacitor Booster Blueprint 488
Ammatar Navy Heavy Energy Neutralizer Blueprint 1,486
Ammatar Navy Heavy Energy Nosferatu Blueprint 1,099
Ammatar Navy Kinetic Plating Blueprint 1
Ammatar Navy Medium Capacitor Booster Blueprint 569
Ammatar Navy Medium EMP Smartbomb Blueprint 67
Ammatar Navy Medium Energy Neutralizer Blueprint 397
Ammatar Navy Medium Energy Nosferatu Blueprint 274
Ammatar Navy Power Diagnostic System Blueprint 2
Ammatar Navy Reactor Control Unit Blueprint 2
Ammatar Navy Small Energy Neutralizer Blueprint 198
Ammatar Navy Small Energy Nosferatu Blueprint 22
Ammatar Navy Thermal Plating Blueprint 1
Angel Control Tower Blueprint 166,667
Angel Control Tower Medium Blueprint 83,333
Angel Control Tower Small Blueprint 41,667
Antaeus I Blueprint 46,806
Antimatter Charge L Blueprint 89
Antimatter Charge M Blueprint 7
Antimatter Charge XL Blueprint 889
Apocalypse Blueprint 664,444
Apocalypse Imperial Issue Blueprint 527,416
Apocalypse Navy Issue Blueprint 664,446
Arbitrator Blueprint 41,111
Armageddon Blueprint 762,222
Armageddon Navy Issue Blueprint 762,222
Armor EM Resistance Script Blueprint 5
Armor Explosive Resistance Script Blueprint 1
Armor Kinetic Resistance Script Blueprint 3
Armor Thermal Hardener I Blueprint 570
Armor Thermal Resistance Script Blueprint 3
Ashimmu Blueprint 43,364
Assault Damage Control I Blueprint 62
Astero Blueprint 2,822
Atron Blueprint 2,222
Augoror Blueprint 33,333
Augoror Navy Issue Blueprint 51,111
Auto Targeting System I Blueprint 3
Badger Blueprint 6,667
Ballistic Control System I Blueprint 636
Bantam Blueprint 2,444
Barghest Blueprint 687,781
Basic Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Blueprint 939
Basic Energized Armor Layering Membrane Blueprint 1
Basic Energized EM Membrane Blueprint 1
Basic Energized Explosive Membrane Blueprint 1
Basic Energized Kinetic Membrane Blueprint 1
Basic Energized Thermal Membrane Blueprint 1
Bastion Module I Blueprint 33,333
Bellicose Blueprint 43,333
Bestower Blueprint 5,667
Bhaalgorn Blueprint 721,723
Blackbird Blueprint 40,000
Blood Control Tower Blueprint 166,667
Blood Control Tower Medium Blueprint 83,333
Blood Control Tower Small Blueprint 41,667
Bomb Launcher I Blueprint 2,988
Bosonic Field Generator Blueprint 468,358
... 1023 more ...
Used for 1,223 things

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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