Small Intact Hull Section

Market Price: 47,212,973 ISK


Race: Amarr
Market: Market > Manufacture & Research > Research Equipment > Ancient Relics
Inventory: Ancient Relics > Sleeper Hull Relics

Image Description
Small Intact Hull Section
Found drifting amongst the ruins of a Sleeper compound, these small sections of a Sleeper vessel represent a significant archaeological discovery. Not only is the hull itself an incredibly rare find, but the excellent condition it is in makes this a particularly useful case study for the Sleeper's ship construction methods.

Pristine, working examples of Sleeper technology such as this are extremely rare and even more valuable. With the right skills and equipment, they can offer great insights into the scientific pursuits of the ancient race that designed them.

Research Time
1 hour
Skilled Time (Adv. Indu. 5)
51 minutes
20 m3

Invention Requirements
Materials Amount
Datacore - Mechanical Engineering 3
Datacore - Plasma Physics 3
Mechanical Engineering 1
Plasma Physics 1
Sleeper Encryption Methods 1

Confessor Blueprint (26%, 20-run)
Svipul Blueprint (26%, 20-run)
Jackdaw Blueprint (26%, 20-run)
Hecate Blueprint (26%, 20-run)

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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