Baseprice: 2 ISK
Market Price: 5 ISK


Market: Market > Manufacture & Research > Materials > Minerals
Inventory: Material > Mineral

Image Description
The main building block in space structures. A very hard, yet bendable metal. Cannot be used in human habitats due to its instability at atmospheric temperatures. Very common throughout the universe.

May be obtained by reprocessing the following ores:

0.0 security status solar system or lower:
Arkonor, Crimson Arkonor, Prime Arkonor
Crokite, Sharp Crokite, Crystalline Crokite
Dark Ochre, Onyx Ochre, Obsidian Ochre
Spodumain, Bright Spodumain, Gleaming Spodumain

0.2 security status solar system or lower:
Hemorphite, Vivid Hemorphite, Radiant Hemorphite

0.7 security status solar system or lower:
Kernite, Luminous Kernite, Fiery Kernite
Omber, Silvery Omber, Golden Omber

0.9 security status solar system or lower:
Plagioclase, Azure Plagioclase, Rich Plagioclase
Pyroxeres, Solid Pyroxeres, Viscous Pyroxeres

1.0 security status solar system or lower:
Scordite, Condensed Scordite, Massive Scordite
Veldspar, Concentrated Veldspar, Dense Veldspar

Item Data
0.0100 m3

Item Usage (1552)

Item Quantity
'Abatis' 100mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 751
'Arquebus' Heavy Beam Laser I Blueprint 9,133
'Aura' Warp Core Stabilizer I Blueprint 566
'Aurora Ominae' Thermal Doomsday Blueprint 1,810,940
'Bailey' 1600mm Steel Plates Blueprint 18,938
'Balefire' Rocket Launcher Blueprint 556
'Ballista' Tachyon Beam Laser I Blueprint 113,880
'Barbican' 800mm Steel Plates Blueprint 12,218
'Barrage' Torpedo Launcher Blueprint 122
'Bastion' 400mm Steel Plates Blueprint 10,591
'Beatnik' Small Remote Armor Repairer Blueprint 896
'Bootleg' Remote Sensor Booster Blueprint 5,662
'Cactus' Modified Kinetic Deflection Amplifier Blueprint 2,106
'Catapult' Mega Beam Laser I Blueprint 91,067
'Censer' Medium Cap Battery Blueprint 1,338
'Chainmail' 200mm Steel Plates Blueprint 5,244
'Chivalry' Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter Blueprint 18,489
'Citadella' 100mm Steel Plates Blueprint 1,982
'Corporate' Light Electron Blaster I Blueprint 996
'Crossbow' Focused Medium Beam Laser I Blueprint 4,529
'Crucible' Small Cap Battery Blueprint 684
'Dealer' Light Ion Blaster I Blueprint 1,667
'Delineative' Warp Scrambler Blueprint 502
'Desert Heat' Thermal Dissipation Field Blueprint 8,071
'Deuce' Co-Processor I Blueprint 2,398
'Distributor' Guidance Disruptor Blueprint 716
'Dyad' Co-Processor I Blueprint 2,398
'Enterprise' Remote Tracking Computer Blueprint 3,814
'Executive' Remote Sensor Dampener Blueprint 252
'Felon' Ion Blaster Cannon I Blueprint 68,307
'Firewall' Signal Amplifier Blueprint 1,010
'Full Duplex' Ballistic Control System Blueprint 1,351
'Gallows' Light Missile Launcher Blueprint 471
'Gambler' Ladar ECM Blueprint 2,884
'Gauntlet' Small Focused Beam Laser I Blueprint 2,200
'Ghost' Burst Jammer Blueprint 538
'Gjallarhorn' Explosive Doomsday Blueprint 2,010,803
'Gorget' Small Armor Repairer I Blueprint 858
'Greaves' Medium Armor Repairer I Blueprint 2,271
'Halberd' Mega Pulse Laser I Blueprint 68,307
'Harmony' Small Armor Repairer I Blueprint 858
'Harness' Medium Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 242
'Hauberk' Large Armor Repairer I Blueprint 4,662
'Heist' Radar ECM Blueprint 2,884
'High Noon' Thermal Dissipation Amplifier Blueprint 2,106
'Hooligan' Heavy Ion Blaster I Blueprint 4,529
'Hustler' Heavy Neutron Blaster I Blueprint 9,089
'Inception' Target Painter Blueprint 840
'Interruptive' Warp Disruptor Blueprint 502
'Investor' Tracking Disruptor I Blueprint 716
'Joust' Heavy Pulse Laser I Blueprint 9,089
'Judgment' Electromagnetic Doomsday Blueprint 1,774,277
'Kindred' Gyrostabilizer Blueprint 773
'Knight' Medium Remote Capacitor Transmitter Blueprint 7,396
'Lance' Medium EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint 22,764
'Longbow' Small Focused Pulse Laser I Blueprint 1,556
'Love' Medium Remote Armor Repairer Blueprint 1,506
'Mace' Dual Light Beam Laser I Blueprint 1,742
'Mafia' Energized Kinetic Membrane I Blueprint 10,178
'Marketeer' Tracking Computer Blueprint 949
'Marshall' Magnetometric ECM Blueprint 2,884
'Meditation' Medium Armor Repairer I Blueprint 2,271
'Monopoly' Magnetic Field Stabilizer Blueprint 8,050
'Moonshine' Energized Thermal Membrane I Blueprint 10,178
'Motte' Capacitor Power Relay I Blueprint 1,116
'Natura' Warp Core Stabilizer I Blueprint 566
'Noose' Cruise Missile Launcher Blueprint 92
'Nugget' Kinetic Deflection Field Blueprint 8,071
'Oblivion' Kinetic Doomsday Blueprint 1,344,126
'Page' Capacitor Flux Coil I Blueprint 507
'Palisade' Cap Recharger I Blueprint 763
'Peace' Large Remote Armor Repairer Blueprint 896
'Pickaxe' Rapid Light Missile Launcher Blueprint 560
'Pike' Small EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint 7,884
'Pilfer' Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I Blueprint 6,013
'Plough' Heavy Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 1,677
'Plunderer' Gravimetric ECM Blueprint 2,884
'Poacher' EM Ward Field Blueprint 8,071
'Portcullis' Reactor Control Unit I Blueprint 516
'Posse' Adaptive Invulnerability Field Blueprint 8,071
'Prospector' EM Ward Amplifier Blueprint 2,106
'Protest' Large Armor Repairer I Blueprint 4,662
'Radical' Damage Control Blueprint 1,062
'Saddle' Small Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 277
'Shady' Sensor Booster Blueprint 236
'Slither' Heavy Electron Blaster I Blueprint 4,453
'Snake Eyes' Explosive Deflection Field Blueprint 8,071
'Squire' Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Blueprint 7,396
'Subverted' JVN-UC49 Blueprint 5,947
'Swindler' Electron Blaster Cannon I Blueprint 45,551
'Thurifer' Large Cap Battery Blueprint 4,574
'Trebuchet' Heat Sink Blueprint 676
'Underhand' Neutron Blaster Cannon I Blueprint 91,067
'Undertaker' Heavy Missile Launcher Blueprint 3,258
'Warhammer' Large EMP Smartbomb I Blueprint 46,329
'Wetu' Mobile Depot Blueprint 5,556
'Whiskey' Explosive Deflection Amplifier Blueprint 2,106
'Wild' Miner I Blueprint 1,324
'Yurt' Mobile Depot Blueprint 5,556
10000MN Afterburner I Blueprint 1,313,168
100mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 751
100MN Afterburner I Blueprint 19,884
100MN Analog Booster Afterburner Blueprint 19,884
10MN Afterburner I Blueprint 3,818
10MN Analog Booster Afterburner Blueprint 3,818
1200mm Artillery Cannon I Blueprint 91,067
1200mm Heavy 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 91,067
125mm Gatling AutoCannon I Blueprint 231
125mm Railgun I Blueprint 1,311
1400mm 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 113,880
1400mm Howitzer Artillery I Blueprint 113,880
150mm 'Musket' Railgun Blueprint 2,729
150mm Light AutoCannon I Blueprint 996
150mm Railgun I Blueprint 2,729
1600mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 18,938
1MN Afterburner I Blueprint 708
1MN Analog Booster Afterburner Blueprint 708
1MN Civilian Afterburner Blueprint 67
200mm AutoCannon I Blueprint 1,667
200mm Light 'Jolt' Autocannon I Blueprint 1,667
200mm Railgun I Blueprint 4,600
200mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 5,244
220mm Vulcan AutoCannon I Blueprint 4,453
25000mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 683,662
250mm 'Flintlock' Railgun Blueprint 9,133
250mm Light 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 1,596
250mm Light Artillery Cannon I Blueprint 1,596
250mm Railgun I Blueprint 9,133
280mm 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 2,729
280mm Howitzer Artillery I Blueprint 2,729
350mm Railgun I Blueprint 77,413
400mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 10,591
425mm 'Popper' Railgun Blueprint 113,880
425mm AutoCannon I Blueprint 4,529
425mm Medium 'Jolt' Autocannon I Blueprint 4,529
425mm Railgun I Blueprint 113,880
50000MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint 2,350,704
500MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive Blueprint 63,753
500MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint 63,753
50MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive Blueprint 17,367
50MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint 17,367
5MN Digital Booster Microwarpdrive Blueprint 3,967
5MN Microwarpdrive I Blueprint 3,967
650mm Artillery Cannon I Blueprint 9,089
650mm Medium 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 9,089
720mm 'Jolt' Artillery I Blueprint 9,133
720mm Howitzer Artillery I Blueprint 9,133
75mm Gatling Rail I Blueprint 231
800mm Heavy 'Jolt' Repeating Cannon I Blueprint 68,307
800mm Repeating Cannon I Blueprint 68,307
800mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 12,218
Abaddon Blueprint 13,870,333
Acolyte EV-300 Blueprint 471
Acolyte I Blueprint 471
Acolyte TD-300 Blueprint 471
Active Shielding Charge Blueprint 100
Adaptive Invulnerability Field I Blueprint 8,071
Adaptive Nano Plating I Blueprint 896
Algos Blueprint 63,000
Amarr Encounter Surveillance System Blueprint 1,328
Amarr Phenomena Generator Blueprint 5,700,000
Amarr Shuttle Blueprint 2,778
Ametat I Blueprint 514,474
Ammatar Navy Adaptive Nano Plating Blueprint 896
Ammatar Navy Armor EM Hardener Blueprint 25,649
Ammatar Navy Armor Explosive Hardener Blueprint 44,036
Ammatar Navy Armor Kinetic Hardener Blueprint 38,342
Ammatar Navy Armor Thermal Hardener Blueprint 30,893
Ammatar Navy Cap Recharger Blueprint 763
Ammatar Navy Capacitor Power Relay Blueprint 1,116
Ammatar Navy EM Plating Blueprint 666
Ammatar Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane Blueprint 6,013
Ammatar Navy Energized EM Membrane Blueprint 10,178
Ammatar Navy Energized Explosive Membrane Blueprint 10,178
Ammatar Navy Energized Kinetic Membrane Blueprint 10,178
Ammatar Navy Energized Thermal Membrane Blueprint 10,178
Ammatar Navy Explosive Plating Blueprint 666
Ammatar Navy Heat Sink Blueprint 676
Ammatar Navy Heavy Capacitor Booster Blueprint 1,677
Ammatar Navy Heavy Energy Neutralizer Blueprint 1,486
Ammatar Navy Heavy Energy Nosferatu Blueprint 12,169
Ammatar Navy Kinetic Plating Blueprint 666
Ammatar Navy Large EMP Smartbomb Blueprint 40,236
Ammatar Navy Medium Capacitor Booster Blueprint 242
Ammatar Navy Medium EMP Smartbomb Blueprint 15,541
Ammatar Navy Medium Energy Neutralizer Blueprint 1,484
Ammatar Navy Medium Energy Nosferatu Blueprint 4,547
Ammatar Navy Reactor Control Unit Blueprint 516
Ammatar Navy Small Capacitor Booster Blueprint 277
Ammatar Navy Small EMP Smartbomb Blueprint 6,057
Ammatar Navy Small Energy Neutralizer Blueprint 520
Ammatar Navy Small Energy Nosferatu Blueprint 2,093
Ammatar Navy Thermal Plating Blueprint 666
Angel Control Tower Blueprint 3,333,333
Angel Control Tower Medium Blueprint 1,666,667
Angel Control Tower Small Blueprint 833,333
Antaeus I Blueprint 448,280
Antimatter Charge L Blueprint 1,778
Antimatter Charge M Blueprint 449
Antimatter Charge S Blueprint 204
Antimatter Charge XL Blueprint 17,778
... 1352 more ...
Used for 1,552 things

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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