Terahertz Metamaterials

Baseprice: 3,500 ISK
Market Price: 21,416 ISK


Market: Market > Manufacture & Research > Materials > Reaction Materials > Advanced Moon Materials
Inventory: Material > Composite

Image Description
Terahertz Metamaterials
An advanced composite designed to manipulate electromagnetic waves just beyond the microwave band, terahertz metamaterials are found in the latest generation of processors and capacitor units in the Amarr Empire.

Item Data
1 m3
Moon Mining Amount:
300 m3


Blueprint: Terahertz Metamaterials Reaction Formula
Base Price: 20,000,000 ISK
Manufacturing Time: 3 hours
- Batch Size: 1

Item Usage (4)

Item Quantity
Capital Nanoelectrical Microprocessor Blueprint 22
Capital Tesseract Capacitor Unit Blueprint 22
Nanoelectrical Microprocessor Blueprint 2
Tesseract Capacitor Unit Blueprint 2
Used for 4 things

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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