Unrefined Hexite

Baseprice: 120 ISK
Market Price: 119,797 ISK


Market: Market > Manufacture & Research > Materials > Reaction Materials > Processed Moon Materials
Inventory: Material > Intermediate Materials

Image Description
Unrefined Hexite
A chemical compound, formed through electrosporadic oxidization of chromium and platinum. Has a wide range of applications in the production of advanced technology and is highly sought-after by industrial manufacturers.

Item Data
1 m3
Moon Mining Amount:
1 m3


Blueprint: Unrefined Hexite Reaction Formula
Base Price: 10,000,000 ISK
Manufacturing Time: 6 hours
- Batch Size: 1

Recycling Output

Quantity Item Market Price
36  Hexite 549,221
= 549,221

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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