Malfunctioning Hull Section

Market Price: 8,843,977 ISK


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Inventory: Ancient Relics > Sleeper Hull Relics

Image Description
Malfunctioning Hull Section
Found drifting amongst the ruins of a Sleeper compound, these large sections of a Sleeper vessel represent a significant archaeological discovery. The hull itself is an incredibly rare find, tainted only by the condition it is in. Although it was clearly built to survive the stress of space, the countless years of environmental exposure have still taken a heavy toll, stripping from it a great deal of the original functionality.

Even despite the damage, it would still make a respectable case study for the Sleeper's vessel construction methods. A skilled scientist could still possibly extract enough information to try and reverse engineer it.

Research Time
1 hour
Skilled Time (Adv. Indu. 5)
51 minutes
50 m3

Invention Requirements
Materials Amount
Datacore - Mechanical Engineering 3
Datacore - Plasma Physics 3
Mechanical Engineering 1
Plasma Physics 1
Sleeper Encryption Methods 1

Tengu Blueprint (21%, 10-run)
Legion Blueprint (21%, 10-run)
Proteus Blueprint (21%, 10-run)
Loki Blueprint (21%, 10-run)

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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