Captain Tori Aanai

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Race: Amarr
Inventory: Entity > Mission Generic Battleships

Image Description
Captain Tori Aanai
512 | 1024 (2009) | 2048 (2009)
A graduate from the School of Applied Knowledge, Tori Aanai stands as one of many lessons about the dangerous freedom that capsuleer technology bestows. Shortly after her graduation, Aanai found herself deployed deep inside Stain. She was guarding what was to become a failed attempt by the Poksu Mineral Group to uncover mineral riches in a system they wrongly assumed was unexploited. When the industrial convoy fled in the face of an unexpected Sansha presence, for reasons known only to her, Aanai decided to stay. From that point on, she has been linked to countless illegal activities.

DED reports state that she has been killed over a thousand times on the fringes of empire space, recklessly exposing herself to near-harmless physical death as she coordinates large-scale Frentix production and distribution on the front lines. Despite their success at reining her operations in, the DED has never brought them to a complete standstill. Indeed, many say that each death has only hardened her resolve.


  Per Hit Interval Per Second Range Falloff Turret Tracking
or Expl. Velocity
Sig. Radius
EM Exp Kin The EM Exp Kin The
Turrets: 338 281 3.0 sec 113 94 82,500 m 31,250 m 0.021750781 400 m Shoots from: 195,000 m

Electronic Warfare:


  Hitpoints Resistancies Uniformity* Repair / Boost Notes
EM Explosive Kinetic Thermal Amount Interval Chance Rate
Shield: 4,250 HP 49 % 79 % 69 % 59 % 25 %   20.40 HP/s
Armor: 6,750 HP 49 % 79 % 69 % 59 % 25 % 1,109 HP 10 sec 26% 110.9 HP/s
Structure: 5,250 HP 0 % 0 % 0 % 0 % 0 %  
* When the hitpoints gets below this percentage, damage start seeping through to the lower level.
** Chance of defender missiles: 23.4375%

NPC Info
2,000,000 ISK
Security Increase:
Faction Standing Loss:
AI Level:
Sleeper AI (2009)
AI Targeting:
- Attack delay: 1.7 - 6.7 sec.
- Reaction factor: 0.90
- Prefers targets with sig.rad. matching itself (350 m)
- Watches effects when choosing targets
- Can switch targets
- Chance to stay with a target: 0 %
- Stays with a target for a least 60 seconds
- Ignores small and medium combat drones (sig.rad. < 100 m)
AI Notes:
- Drone Tanking Modifier (?): 0.7
NPC Movement
Orbit Range:
58,800 m
Orbit Speed:
175.0 m/s
Max. Speed:
1,400 m/s
Calculated Angular Velocity:
~0.00297619 rad/sec.
Scan Resolution:
100 mm
Sensor Strength - Radar:
44 points
Attack Targets:
Locked Targets:

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacity Capacity 235 m3
mass Mass 10,010,000 kg
volume Volume 100,100 m3
Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacitorCapacity Capacitor Capacity 4,300 GJ
rechargeRate Capacitor Recharge time 15,000.0 sec
Attribute Name Display Name Value
disallowAssistance Disallows Assistance True
Attribute Name Display Name Value
radius   350
Attribute Name Display Name Value
entityChaseMaxDelay   10000
entityChaseMaxDelayChance   0.3125
entityChaseMaxDistance   73,500 m
entityChaseMaxDuration   10.0 sec
entityChaseMaxDurationChance   1
Attribute Name Display Name Value
entityEquipmentMax   9
entityEquipmentMin   6
entityLootCountMin   1
Attribute Name Display Name Value
entityMissileTypeID   Scourge Cruise Missile
missileDamageMultiplier Missile Damage Bonus 1x
missileEntityAoeCloudSizeMultiplier Explosion Radius Bonus -58 %
missileEntityAoeVelocityMultiplier Explosion Velocity Bonus +134 %
missileEntityFlightTimeMultiplier Missile Flight Time Bonus 1.62x
missileEntityVelocityMultiplier Missile Velocity Bonus 1.62x
missileLaunchDuration Rate of fire 0.0 sec
Attribute Name Display Name Value
entityBracketColour   1
entityOverviewShipGroupId   Battleship
gfxBoosterID   394
gfxTurretID   464
propulsionGraphicID   394
Entity Rewards
Attribute Name Display Name Value
entityGroupRespawnChance   0
entitySecurityMaxGain   5

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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