Nanite Repair Paste

Baseprice: 6,500 ISK
Market Price: 22,208 ISK


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Image Description
Nanite Repair Paste
A thick, heavy liquid, typically stored in tanks or container systems intended for liquids. It is composed of billions of nanites that can be programmed to repair damaged ship modules on the fly. The paste is simply applied to the damaged area, and the nanites meld into an exact copy of the damaged area, thus effecting repairs upon the module. This is a one-time process, as the nanites use themselves up along with the trace elements mixed into their carrier fluid.

The Repair Paste is generally only used for emergency on-site repairs. It is then recommended to have the damaged components looked at by a certified technician at first opportunity.

0.01 m3


Blueprint: Nanite Repair Paste Blueprint
Base Price: 50,000,000 ISK
Manufacturing Time: 5 minutes
- Batch Size: 10
ME Research Time: 1 minute, 45 seconds
PE Research Time: 1 minute, 45 seconds
Copying Time: 4 minutes
- Max. Runs: 600

Recycling Output

Quantity Item Market Price
Nanites 23,705
Data Chips 94,851
Gel-Matrix Biopaste 107,144
= 225,701

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacity Capacity 0 m3
hp Structure Hitpoints 1 HP
mass Mass 2,500 kg
Attribute Name Display Name Value
radius   0

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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