Osnirdottir Memorial

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Inventory: Celestial > Large Collidable Object

Image Description
Osnirdottir Memorial
A small and humble memorial to the work of the late scientist Dr. Mishkala Osnirdottir, whose life was most likely lost when an experiment with the Tachyon Bombardment Array went horribly wrong. Others, however, theorize that she was not killed, but relocated, or in some way altered on a quantum level by the barrage of antimatter.

The memorial gardens features great trees contorted into elegant shapes with tungsten scaffolds and the doctor's favourite bloom, Ulfurtar - a small parasitic plant with delicate silvery flowers, noted for the soft, almost furred quality of its petals. In many Sebiestor clans, the blossom is believed to symbolise both dreams and memories and the atmosphere of the gardens is rich with both for those that tend it still.

Item Data
Structure Hitpoints:
100,000,000 HP
4,553 m

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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