Gas Storage Facility

Baseprice: 250,000 ISK


Inventory: Planetary Interaction > Storage Facilities

Image Description
Gas Storage Facility
The problem of how to safely store mass quantities of harvested materials and assembled commodities until they can be transported to higher orbital facilities was difficult to solve. The issue was alleviated by the invention of the equilibrium cargo silo system, an arrangement of empty canisters suspended in a hollow chamber, which is then carefully filled with a specific type of common material from different strata of the host planet. The result has an effective net mass of zero kilograms, causing the facility to hang eerily at the exact desired altitude.

Item Data
12,000 m3
Planet Type Restriction:
Planet (Gas)
Power Load:
700 MW
CPU Load:
500 tf

Database: Mosaic (2015-05-02)

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