Takmahl Cohere Cord

Market Price: 48,656 ISK


Market: Market > Manufacture & Research > Materials > Faction Materials > Takmahl
Inventory: Commodity > Materials and Compounds

Image Description
Takmahl Cohere Cord
Alloys and special materials used in the manufacture of modules based on Ancient technology.

Item Data
1.00 m3
1.00 kg

Item Usage (7)

Item Quantity
'Crucible' Small Cap Battery Blueprint 1
'Harness' Medium Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 1
'Knight' Medium Remote Capacitor Transmitter Blueprint 1
'Motte' Capacitor Power Relay I Blueprint 1
'Page' Capacitor Flux Coil I Blueprint 1
'Plough' Heavy Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 2
'Thurifer' Large Cap Battery Blueprint 1
Used for 7 things

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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