Takmahl Technology

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Image Description
Takmahl Technology
Basic understanding of interfacing with Takmahl technology.

The Takmahl nation excelled in cybernetics and bio-engineering.

Allows the rudimentary use of Takmahl components in the creation of advanced technology, even though the scientific theories behind them remain a mystery.

Skill Info
Primary Attribute:
Secondary Attribute:
Training Time Multiplier:
Required Skills
Archaeology 2
Science 3
Survey 3
CPU Management 1

Item Usage (21)

Item Quantity
'Abatis' 100mm Steel Plates I Blueprint 1
'Bailey' 1600mm Steel Plates Blueprint 5
'Barbican' 800mm Steel Plates Blueprint 5
'Bastion' 400mm Steel Plates Blueprint 3
'Censer' Medium Cap Battery Blueprint 2
'Chainmail' 200mm Steel Plates Blueprint 3
'Chivalry' Large Remote Capacitor Transmitter Blueprint 5
'Citadella' 100mm Steel Plates Blueprint 1
'Crucible' Small Cap Battery Blueprint 2
'Gorget' Small Armor Repairer I Blueprint 1
'Greaves' Medium Armor Repairer I Blueprint 3
'Harness' Medium Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 2
'Hauberk' Large Armor Repairer I Blueprint 5
'Knight' Medium Remote Capacitor Transmitter Blueprint 3
'Motte' Capacitor Power Relay I Blueprint 2
'Page' Capacitor Flux Coil I Blueprint 2
'Plough' Heavy Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 4
'Portcullis' Reactor Control Unit I Blueprint 4
'Saddle' Small Capacitor Booster I Blueprint 2
'Squire' Small Remote Capacitor Transmitter Blueprint 3
'Thurifer' Large Cap Battery Blueprint 4
Used for 21 things

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacity Capacity 0 m3
mass Mass 0 kg
volume Volume 0.01 m3
Attribute Name Display Name Value
radius   0

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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