Suspended Plasma

Market Price: 2 ISK


Market: Market > Manufacture & Research > Materials > Planetary Materials > Raw Planetary Materials
Inventory: Planetary Resources > Planet Liquid-Gas - Raw Resource

Image Description
Suspended Plasma
When found in harvestable quantities beyond the unapproachable heat of an active star, plasma is said to be in a “suspended” state. Specialized electronic equipment is used to attract the ionized particles into collection tubes, after which it can be stored, transported, or applied to a variety of technologies.

Item Data
0.01 m3
Export Tax Multiplier:
5 %
Import Tax Multiplier:
5 %

Schematics (Consumed and produced in processors on planets)

Qty. Consumed Volume Value
3,000 Suspended Plasma 30.00 m3 5,010

Qty. Produced Volume Value
20 Plasmoids 7.60 m3 8,244

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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