Gaze Survey Probe I

Baseprice: 107,784 ISK
Market Price: 138,605 ISK


Market: Market > Ammunition & Charges > Probes > Survey Probes
Inventory: Charge > Survey Probe

Image Description
Gaze Survey Probe I
The moon survey probe is launched in the direction of a nearby moon where it will eventually land and broadcast back atmospheric and soil analysis data.

The Gaze system is a extremely fast survey system that can reliably scan a moon in under 2.5 minutes. However, it requires considerable skill to use.

Charge Data
Key Attributes
Max. Flight time:
150.0 sec
30,000 m/sec
Approx. Range:
4,500.0 km
Used with:
Survey Probe Launcher
5 m3
Tech Level:
Required Skills
Astrometrics 5
Science 3
Survey 5
CPU Management 1


Group Name
Tech I
Quest Survey Probe I
Tech I
Discovery Survey Probe I
Tech I
Gaze Survey Probe I


Blueprint: Gaze Survey Probe I Blueprint
Base Price: 7,000,000 ISK
Manufacturing Time: 15 minutes
- Batch Size: 1
ME Research Time: 5 minutes, 15 seconds
PE Research Time: 5 minutes, 15 seconds
Copying Time: 12 minutes
- Max. Runs: 200

Recycling Output

Quantity Item Market Price
444  Isogen 5,879
667  Mexallon 26,760
1,111  Pyerite 5,266
15,556  Tritanium 83,069
= 120,974

Other Attributes

Attribute Name Display Name Value
capacity Capacity 0 m3
hp Structure Hitpoints 240 HP
mass Mass 1 kg
structureUniformity   1
Attribute Name Display Name Value
maxScanRange Maximum Scan Range 100,000,000 m
scanRange   1
Attribute Name Display Name Value
probesInGroup   0
radius   30
Attribute Name Display Name Value
agility Inertia Modifier 1,000x

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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