Nitrogen Isotopes

Market Price: 545 ISK


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Image Description
Nitrogen Isotopes
Nitrogen-14 is a stable, non-radioactive isotope, crucial for maintenance of Caldari Control Towers.

May be obtained by reprocessing the following ice ores:

1.0 security status solar system or lower:
White Glaze

0.0 security status solar system or lower:
Pristine White Glaze

Item Data
0.0300 m3

Item Usage (7)

Item Quantity
Active Shielding Charge Blueprint 100
Electronic Hardening Charge Blueprint 100
Electronic Superiority Charge Blueprint 100
Nitrogen Fuel Block Blueprint 450
Sensor Optimization Charge Blueprint 100
Shield Extension Charge Blueprint 100
Shield Harmonizing Charge Blueprint 100
Used for 7 things

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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