Fernite Carbide

Baseprice: 10 ISK
Market Price: 137 ISK


Market: Market > Manufacture & Research > Materials > Reaction Materials > Advanced Moon Materials
Inventory: Material > Composite

Image Description
Fernite Carbide
A revolutionary ceramic carbide compound, much favored by the Matari both for its earthy quality and its extremely wide range of technological uses.

Item Data
0.01 m3
Moon Mining Amount:
10,000 m3


Blueprint: Fernite Carbide Reaction Formula
Base Price: 20,000,000 ISK
Manufacturing Time: 3 hours
- Batch Size: 1

Item Usage (37)

Item Quantity
Barrage L Blueprint 3,000
Barrage M Blueprint 1,200
Barrage S Blueprint 300
Barrage XL Blueprint 6,000
Capital Deflection Shield Emitter Blueprint 2,222
Capital Electrolytic Capacitor Unit Blueprint 2,222
Capital Fernite Carbide Composite Armor Plate Blueprint 2,222
Capital Ladar Sensor Cluster Blueprint 2,222
Capital Nanomechanical Microprocessor Blueprint 1,667
Capital Nuclear Pulse Generator Blueprint 2,222
Capital Nuclear Reactor Unit Blueprint 889
Capital Plasma Thruster Blueprint 1,333
Capital Thermonuclear Trigger Unit Blueprint 2,556
Deflection Shield Emitter Blueprint 22
Electrolytic Capacitor Unit Blueprint 27
Fernite Carbide Composite Armor Plate Blueprint 44
Hail L Blueprint 3,000
Hail M Blueprint 1,200
Hail S Blueprint 300
Hail XL Blueprint 6,000
Ladar Sensor Cluster Blueprint 22
Nanomechanical Microprocessor Blueprint 17
Nova Javelin Rocket Blueprint 45
Nova Rage Rocket Blueprint 45
Nuclear Pulse Generator Blueprint 22
Nuclear Reactor Unit Blueprint 9
Plasma Thruster Blueprint 13
Quake L Blueprint 6,000
Quake M Blueprint 2,400
Quake S Blueprint 600
Quake XL Blueprint 12,000
Spatial Attunement Unit Blueprint 18
Thermonuclear Trigger Unit Blueprint 31
Tremor L Blueprint 6,000
Tremor M Blueprint 2,400
Tremor S Blueprint 600
Tremor XL Blueprint 12,000
Used for 37 things

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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