Ultra! Promotional Holoreel


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Image Description
Ultra! Promotional Holoreel
This holoreel is a promotional reel from Quafe Corp, produced to advertise QuafeUltra. The reel has been universally panned by critics for what is perceived by many as intensely lurid subject matter. One scene that's caused an uproar among various fundamentalist factions involves two of the main characters, Amarr girl Nadira and Brutor male Okar, engaging in a bout of severely salty reparteé immediately followed by quite obviously-hinted-at sexual activity. In another, the Gallente protagonist, a comely young female, enjoys a sultry dance with two other girls, culminating in a show of half-naked flesh that sent mothers everywhere lunging for their children's eyes. Mentions and displays of Quafe Ultra during the reel's 89-minute running time number around 110, resulting in an average of 1.23 not-so-hidden advertisements per minute of the film's running time - another reason, critics say, to throw this reel into the jettison canister where it belongs.

Item Data
0.5000 m3
100 kg

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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