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Sleeper Engineering Relics
Image Name Volume Market
Intact Power Cores
Rescued from a crumbling Sleeper structure, these ancient power cores stand as an excellent example of Sleeper engineering. Unlike everything else that surrounded them, these cores appeared to be almost newly-manufactured.

Pristine, working examples of Sleeper technology such as this are extremely rare and even more valuable. With the right skills and equipment, they can offer great insights into the scientific pursuits of the ancient race that designed them.

10 Ancient Relics
2.876.270 ISK
Malfunctioning Power Cores
Taken from amongst countless other ruined devices that cluttered the Sleeper facility once housing them, these ancient Sleeper power cores are still intact, yet extremely defective. Unlocking the technological secrets behind them would be a difficult task in their current state. Only those researchers who are skilled in reverse engineering would have a chance, and even then, not a great one.
10 Ancient Relics
465.620 ISK
Wrecked Power Cores
These ancient power cores have all but succumbed to millennia of neglect and disuse. A few elements of their basic design remain intact, offering a skilled researcher some small hope that the secrets locked away inside may still be reverse engineered into something more functional.
10 Ancient Relics
15.765 ISK

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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