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Rogue Drone Components
Image Name Volume Market
Drone Capillary Fluid
The same fluid that flows through rogue drone relays, this substance is an amalgamation of various chemical compounds that many scientists theorize to be akin to the life blood of a rogue drone.

Whatever the reason, the fluid combined with synaptic relays allows for an astonishingly high flow of data.

0,02 Rogue Drones
177.351 ISK
Drone Cerebral Fragment
A fragment of a rogue drones cerebral cortex.
0,03 Rogue Drones
94.910 ISK
Drone Coronary Unit
The beating heart of a rogue drone, this power unit is a marvel of technology providing a greater size/power ratio than is currently achievable by modern designs. With some clever tinkering it is possible to adapt this to interface with current drone technology.
0,08 Rogue Drones
488.251 ISK
Drone Epidermal Shielding Chunk
A chunk of the epidermal shielding from a rogue drone, while being both more durable and resistant than standard drone shielding, it is also thinner and more flexible forming, as it does, the skin of a rogue drone.
0,10 Rogue Drones
10.123 ISK
Drone Synaptic Relay Wiring
The relay wiring of a rogue drones synaptic system, these wires allow for a much higher flow of power and information than standard empire technology has yet to achieve.
0,01 Rogue Drones
3.163 ISK
Drone Tactical Limb
A multipurpose limb of a rogue drone which, in combat models, is a mount for the primary weapon. The modular design of such limbs allows for them to be incorporated into standard drone designs with some ingenuity.
0,07 Rogue Drones
14.513 ISK
Elite Drone AI
A tiny chip with a modified silicon-extract wafer forming the base for an integrated circuit. The chip stores the code for the elite drone's artificial intelligence.
0,01 Rogue Drones
5.020.727 ISK

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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