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Destructible Effect Beacon (Not Published)
Image Name Shield HP Armor HP Structure HP
Triglavian Stellar Accelerator
This Triglavian installation appears to be manipulating the local spatio-temporal topology of the system's central star in order to use it as a vast ultra high-energy particle accelerator, causing numerous strange effects across the entire star system. The structure itself is functioning as the control nexus for whatever bizarre experiment is being carried out by the Triglavian Collective around the star.

Once fully operational, and manipulating local space-time, the installation's operations will cause ripples of spatio-temporal distortion to spread out from the central star. Consequent effects that will be experienced in the system include:

Increase in turret tracking speed by 15%

Increase in missile explosion velocity by 15%

Increase in mining speed by 10%

Decrease in warp speed by 30%

Quantum interactions similar to Triglavian space-time filament and conduit technology have been detected, and it is possible that the Collective are engaged in an effort to "weave" the star's gravity well into their conduit network. The prospect of the Triglavians incorporating the system into their domains cannot be ruled out and merits forceful counter-action by New Eden's defenders.

40,000 HP 80,000 HP 10,000 HP

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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