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Cloud (Not Published)
Image Name
Acidic Cloud

Amarr Prime Station Cloud

Amber Cloud

Amber Cytoserocin 2
Light-bluish crystal, formed by intense pressure deep within large asteroids and moons. Used in electronic and weapon manufacturing. Only found in abundance in a few areas.
t 19713  Argon Gas Environment

Assault Roaming Spawner

Assembly Site Audio Object

Astrahus Lights On

Capsuleer Day - Dungeon Spawner

t 19749  Celestial Environment

Chlorine Cloud

Cloud Rings

Crimson Harvest Environment

Crimson Harvest Nebula

Cyno Effect

Dark Cloud

Dark Gray Cloud

Dark Gray Turbulent Cloud

Dark Green Cloud

Debris Cloud

Debris Cloud Flat

Default Citadel Large Placement State

Default Citadel Medium Placement State

Default Citadel X-Large Placement State

Drifter Hive Explosion
The detonation of a Drifter Hive unleashes an explosion of violent energies capable of destroying capsuleer vessels in a single blast. It is fortunate that capsuleers can return from the dead, even after such a devastating event.
Drone Beacon
With it's swirling orange light, this drone beacon appears to be marking a point of interest, or perhaps a waypoint in a greater trail.
Dust Cloud

t 19746  Dust Storm Environment

Dust Streak

Electric Cloud

Empire Dread Spawner

Empire Dread Wave Spawner

Empire Friendly Dread Spawner

Empire Pocket Spawner

Empire Structure Wave Spawner

t 19748  Ethereal Environment

Fire Cloud

Fortizar Lights On

Gaseous Cloud

Green Gas Cloud

Guardian's Gala YC121 Nebula

Guardians Gala Boss Spawner

Guardians Gala Spawner

t 19751  Icefield Environment

t 19750  Infernal Environment

Invisible Cloud

Invisible Warp Out Object

Invisible Warp Out Object (Except POD)

Ion Cloud

Keepstar Lights On

t 19752  Krypton Gas Environment

Large Industrial Array Placement State Default

Large Refinery Invulnerable State Default

Large Refinery Placement State Default

Large Refinery Sieged State Default

Large Refinery Vulnerable State Default

t 19747  Lightning Storm Environment

Medium Industrial Array Placement State Default

Medium Refinery Invulnerable State Default

Medium Refinery Placement State Default

Medium Refinery Sieged State Default

Medium Refinery Vulnerable State Default

Meteor Cloud

Micro Nebula

t 42536  MidPoint Effect

Nebulaic Cloud

NPC Spawn Location

Plasma Cloud

Plasmic Gas Cloud

Player Spawn Location

t 19754  Radon Gas Environment

Rusty Cloud

Scout Roaming Spawner

Smugglers Den Audio Object

Soft Cloud

Spark Cloud











Strange Beacon

Sulphuric Cloud


The Hunt - Boss Spawner

The Hunt - Easy Trash Spawner

The Hunt - Hard Trash Spawner

t 19753  Toxic Cloud Environment

Trig Friendly Dread Spawner

Triglavian Dread Spawner

Triglavian Dread Wave Spawner

Triglavian Gate Spawner

Triglavian Stellar Fleet Spawner

Triglavian Structure Wave Spawner

Triglavian World Ark Spawner A

Triglavian World Ark Spawner B

t 19755  Turbulent Storm Environment

Vanguard Roaming Spawner

t 42697  Warp Disruption Bubble Effect

t 49698  Winter Event AoE

Winter Event Nebulae_a

Winter Event Nebulae_b
Second nebula for winter event

Wispy Chlorine Cloud

Wispy Orange Cloud

WW Roaming Spawner

t 19756  Xenon Gas Environment

XLarge Industrial Array Placement State Default

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