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Phobia Handicap (Not Published)
Name Description Attributes
Algiophobia Bonus PwC +5% when in combat (being shot at).
Barophobia Bonus +50% warp cost if planet/moon in target bubble.
Cenophobia Bonus +50% warp cost to bubbles with no station/stargate.
Claustrophobia Bonus If floating in capsule in space for 5 mins, he dies.
Monophobia Bonus Dies if he doesn't dock at a station every 60 mins.
Mysophobia Bonus Worse agent missions.
Taphephobia Bonus If Structure damage is >25% then he ejects capsule.
Xenophobia Bonus Faction standing modifier -25% vs. factions of other race.

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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