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Multiple Pilot Training Certificate
This certificate allows you to train multiple pilots on the same account at the same time. Once used, it will allow you to either activate an additional training queue (up to a maximum of two) or extend the duration of an already active additional queue. The certificate is consumed immediately upon activation, and its training queue lasts thirty (30) days.

Please note that under no circumstances can you train two skills simultaneously on the same pilot.

Pilot's Services
1.446.995.481 ISK
Pilot's Body Resculpt Certificate
This certificate allows you a single resculpt of your pilot's facial features and body shape. Once you activate the certificate it will be consumed immediately, and the next time you enter pilot customization you can make use of the full resculpt.
Pilot's Services
482.605.502 ISK
Skill Extractor
This item can be activated in a station, while in your pod, to create a Skill Injector by selecting 500,000 skill points to be removed from your character. When skill extraction is complete, the Skill Extractor will be consumed.

Skill Extractors may only be used by characters with at least 5,500,000 skill points.

Skill Trading
399.587.130 ISK

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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