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Refined Commodities - Tier 2
Image Name Volume Market
Similar to an ancient battery, a biocell instead uses biofuels distilled from organic material and precious metals to produce an electrical current in a self-contained, modular unit. However, modern biocells dwarf the capabilities of ancient batteries by several orders of magnitude.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
9.178 ISK
Construction Blocks
Metal girders, plasteel concrete, and fiber blocks are all common construction materials used in almost every large-scale building or manufacturing project throughout New Eden.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
9.312 ISK
Consumer Electronics
Consumer electronics encompass a wide variety of individual goods, from entertainment media and personal computers to slave collars and children's toys.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
11.077 ISK
This specially blended fluid is ideal for transferring thermal energy away from sensitive machinery or computer components, rerouting it to heat sinks so it can be eliminated from the system.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
12.543 ISK
Enriched Uranium
Enriched Uranium is used in many kinds of manufacturing and as a fuel, making it a steady trade commodity. Enriched Uranium is generally manufactured by combining standard semiconductor PVD methods with ionic separation by means of mass spectrometry.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
14.204 ISK
Fertilizer is particularly valued on agricultural worlds, where there is a constant demand for all commodities that boost export value.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
11.138 ISK
Genetically Enhanced Livestock
Livestock are domestic animals raised for home use or for profit, whether it be for their meat or dairy products. This particular breed of livestock has been genetically enhanced using the very latest technology.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
9.780 ISK
Livestock are domestic animals raised for home use or for profit, whether it be for their meat or dairy products.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
10.400 ISK
Mechanical Parts
These basic elements of all mechanical hardware can come in virtually any shape and size, although composite or modular functionality is highly advantageous in today's competitive market. Factories and manufacturers take these parts and assemble them into finished products, which are then sold on the market.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
10.517 ISK
Microfiber Shielding
Using advanced residual substrate isolation technology, silicon weave is threaded through layers of tough organic fibers. The resulting microfiber shielding is incredibly resilient and retains the microscopic profile required to shield miniaturized electronics.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
13.193 ISK
Miniature Electronics
Advances in molecular chemistry and nanite-reduced computer chips have made almost every form of miniature electronics possible, from the simple holovid viewer and missile tracking systems to wetware cybernetics and quantum entanglement communications.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
12.426 ISK
Though they are only simple machines and very small, nanites can be used to achieve miraculous medical results in small amounts or astounding feats of engineering in mass quantities.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
5.926 ISK
Technically, any chemical compound that contains at least one oxygen atom is an oxide, though some are far more valuable than others. Once broken down and separated from waste material, many oxides can be applied to various industrial processes.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
6.003 ISK
Polyaramid textiles are produced when industrial fibers are harvested from autotrophic life forms and subjected to intense pressure using reactive gas pistons. Able to absorb a startling amount of kinetic energy, sheets of this miraculous material can be form-fitted to just about any structure, protecting it from anything but weapons-grade impact forces.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
13.322 ISK
Composite materials, both synthetic and natural, are used in the creation of polytextiles, durable fabrics that see widespread use in the clothing industry, solar sail manufacture, and even classic art.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
6.647 ISK
Rocket Fuel
The properties of this carefully refined liquid make it ideal for controlled combustion whether in or outside of atmospheric environments; its severe volatility requires special containers to resist most forms of impact, high temperatures, and electrical activity during storage and transportation.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
12.183 ISK
Silicate Glass
Silicate glass is a common construction material, in constant demand throughout New Eden, whether in planetary structures or reinforced for use in space vessels.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
15.963 ISK
Required for highly advanced technologies too numerous to mention to function properly, these conduits are made from super-cooled materials that function as perfect conductors, having an effective electrical resistance of zero.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
10.664 ISK
Supertensile Plastics
“Hyperoxidation” was the term given to the process of rapidly fossilizing the carbon structures, readily available in the form of biomass, which forms the basic framework of supertensile plastics. The only amorphous solid known to retain the resilience of other such materials while also adopting conductive properties, supertensile plastic is highly sought after for a wide range of industrial applications.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
13.057 ISK
Synthetic Oil
Since original oil can be harvested only from a world with a long biological history, synthetic oil has become frequently produced in laboratories all over known space.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
6.326 ISK
Test Cultures
When bacteria are allowed to thrive in a water-based environment, they undergo generational transformations that can be monitored and documented, providing research data invaluable to numerous scientific fields.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
8.217 ISK
This electronic device generates and amplifies a carrier wave, modulates it with a meaningful signal derived from speech or other sources, and radiates the resulting signal from an antenna or some other form of transducer.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
12.437 ISK
Viral Agent
The causative agent of an infectious disease, the viral agent is a parasite with a noncellular structure composed mainly of nucleic acid within a protein coat.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
9.776 ISK
Water-Cooled CPU
Despite how ancient the technology is, there is still no method more cost-effective for cooling computer processing units than ordinary water, which can be heated and cooled rapidly via any number of proven methods. Most often, thermally conductive tubing makes its way through all of the vital components and over heat sinks, helping to regulate operating temperatures.
1,50 Refined Planetary Materials
5.351 ISK

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