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Planet Liquid-Gas - Raw Resource
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Aqueous Liquids
The abundance of water on terrestrial planets is often a misconception: What many refer to offhandedly as "water" is often an amalgamation of many liquids, microscopic particles, and saturated compounds combined with water and other liquids. Aqueous liquids represent those liquids from which pure water can be separated easily from waste or hazardous particles, but only using the proper equipment.
0,010 Raw Planetary Materials
Ionic Solutions
An electrolyte found in a raw, natural form is called an ionic solution, especially in terms of planetary astronomy. Only after a lengthy process of extraction and refining can the resulting fluid go on to be used for medical, industrial, or nutritive applications.
0,010 Raw Planetary Materials
Noble Gas
This colorless, odorless, and usually nonflammable substance is one of seven known monoatomic gases, or those that do not easily combine with other atoms. They are thus well suited for a variety of manufacturing implementations.
0,010 Raw Planetary Materials
Reactive Gas
Consisting of any number of volatile atomic structures, reactive gases are the most useful when applied to the fields of explosives, molecular restructuring, and electrical conduction. Great care must be taken when storing or transporting any sizeable quantity.
0,010 Raw Planetary Materials
Suspended Plasma
When found in harvestable quantities beyond the unapproachable heat of an active star, plasma is said to be in a “suspended” state. Specialized electronic equipment is used to attract the ionized particles into collection tubes, after which it can be stored, transported, or applied to a variety of technologies.
0,010 Raw Planetary Materials

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