Epic Arc Notes

What Are Epic Arcs?

These are stories that connect many missions together. The story can branch into different parts, depending on your actions.

Level 1

The Blood-Stained Stars

Started by talking with Sister Alitura in Arnon IX - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau

Level 4

Right To Rule

Required standing: 5.0+ with Amarr Empire faction or Ministry of Internal Order
Started by talking with Karde Romu in Kor-Azor Prime (0.9)


Required standing: 5.0+ with Caldari faction or Expert Distribution
Started by talking with Aursa Kunivuri in Josameto (0.6)


Required standing: 5.0+ with Gallente Federation faction or Impetus
Started by talking with Roineron Aviviere in Dodixie (0.9)


Required standing: 5.0+ with Minmatar Republic faction or Brutor Tribe
Started by talking with Arsten Takalo in Frarn (0.8)

Level 3 - Pirate

Angel Sound

Start agent: Aton Hordner in Egbinger (0.0) - required standing of 3.0+ with Republic Security Services or Minmatar Republic faction
Start agent: Arajna Ashia in Sendaya (0.3) - required standing of 3.0+ with Amarr Navy or Amarr Empire faction
Start agent: Ellar Stin in Konora (0.4) - required standing of -1.9+ with Dominations or Angel Cartel faction

Smash and Grab

Start agent: Arment Caute in Orvolle (0.7) - required standing of 3.0+ with Federal Intelligence Office or Gallente Federation faction
Start agent: Atma Aulato in Obe (0.3) - required standing of 3.0+ with Ytiri or Caldari State faction
Start agent: Yada Vinjivas in Taisy (0.3) - required standing of -1.9+ with Guristas corporation or Guristas faction


Jowen Dotloran has some very nice pdf guides has some more information: Epic Arcs

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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