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Cache and settings files

As long as you do not modify the cache files then you are free to read them and write tools for them. Of course we do not support these tools (*grin*) and if we change the cache file structure of methods they may break, not that I see this happening but it is possible.

And to make perfectly clear. If you modify them then your client may break.
2008.03.26 - Link


Reverse Engineering the format of the Cache files (this includes the setting .dat files) for the purpose of modifying them, is a breach of the EULA. Specifically sections 10 and 11. The Format of those files is specific to CCP and is considered to be propriatory technology and is protected by the EULA.
2008.11.24 - Link

Mission payouts

Mission payouts are calculated dynamically, and rely on past completion data to calculate the underlying difficulty modifier by which payouts are scaled.

The calculations are based on the number of times the mission has been completed and the average completion time. There are dynamic floors and ceilings in place to prevent payouts deviating outside prescribed boundaries.
These calculations affect the ISK payout, LP payout, Bonus payout and Bonus time. Scaling by time completion means that if you complete in the average time you will be rewarded the average ISK/hour in payouts, regardless of distance travelled, NPCs fought and so on.
2008.06.12 - Link

Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26)

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