Here is a collection of some of the terms and abbreviations used in the game.


BPC = Blueprint Copy

Is a copy of a BPO but it has a limited number of manufacturing runs it can be used for.

BPO = Blueprint Original

Is a blueprint which can be used to make an unlimited number of manufacturing runs. You can also improved the BPO by doing material and time efficiency research on it. Finally, you can make BPC of it and sell them to those that can't afford the BPO.

KOS = Kill On Sight

Somebody wants somebody to be killed.

K-Space = Known Space

Known space as in the systems that are connected through the stargate network.

IGB = Ingame Browser

This refers to the ingame browser.

JC = Jump Clone

A jump clone can be installed in a medical section of a station or mothership/super carrier. However you need a standing of 8.0 to the corporation owning the station, to be able to install a jump clone.

LP = Loyalty Points

When you run missions for agents you are awarded loyalty points in addition to the payments. You can use these loyalty points to buy items from the LP Stores in stations owned by the corporation you have LP with. When you dock at a station you can access the LP Store by clicking its icon in the Station Services area.

NBSI = Not Blue Shoot It

Is a term used by corporations in deep-space. When you have a good standing to the corporations you get a blue icon in their overview. So these corporations are defending their systems by killing every player that are not blue. Some dubious corporations are also trying to claim low-sec Empire systems in this way.

NPC = Non-Playing Character

This is the 'technical' term for the ships & entities controlled by the server. Like belt rats or mission enemies.

NRDS = Not Red Dont Shoot

Is a term used by a few corporations in deep-space. When you have a bad standing to the corporations you get a red icon in their overview. That way these corporations know who will likely be hostile.

OOG = Out Of Game

This means that the website should only be viewed in a regular browser, outside the game. The ingame browser have many many short-comings like slow & buggy table rendering.

RP = Research Points

These are accumulated when you get R&D agents to head up research projects. The research points are used as tickets in the tech 2 blueprint lottery. The research points can also be exchanged for datacores which are used in inventing tech 2 blueprint copies.

PVE = Player vs. Environment

This is combat against non-playing-characters (=NPC), ie. computer controlled enemies. This can be mission targets, belt rats.

PVP = Player vs. Player

Means combat against another player. Some even call the market activities PVP since most of the time you are effectively 'battling' against other players to sell your items.

WTA = Want To Auction / WTB = Want To Buy / WTS = Want To Sell / WTT = Want To Trade

These abbreviations are usually followed by what-ever item they want to trade.

W-Space = Wormhole Space

The uncharted systems you can get to through wormholes.

Ship & Module Abbreviations

AB = Afterburner
AF = Assault Frigate
BC = Battlecruiser
BS = Battleship
CPR = Capacitor Power Relay modules (diverts shield recharging to capacitor recharging)
EANM = Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane (armor plating that adds resistances to all damage types)
HAC = Heavy Assault Cruiser
INTY = Industrial
MS = Mothership / Super Carrier (big carrier)
MWD = Microwarp Drives
SB = Stealth Bomber



Trading term use with auctioning. It means that for that price you can get the item without risking anybody else overbidding you. It also effectively ends the auction.


Means destroying somebodies ship to get the cargo. Not even freighters in high-sec are safe, since the have been attacks with fleets of battleships all attacking the same freighter. Destroying it before CONCORD destroyed them.


This refers to the strength of the warp scrambler. The term is mainly used in fleet combat, so tacklers can tell how much a ship is scrambled.


This refers to the server controlled enemies that usually hang out in the asteroid belts, or are enemies in missions.


When you jump from belt to belt quickly in a system, to locate some belt rats to kill. Then you are ratting.


Means trying to prevent somebody from warping, by targeting them with a warp scrambler or warp disruptor.

Sniper Rule

Trading term use with auctioning. It is usually like 10 or 15 mins. It means that if somebody bid within that time before the auction closes, the auction will be extended with that amount of time.


This refers to the fitting of Warp Core Stabilizer I modules, as a counter meassure to being warp scrambled.


Tacklers are small fast ships (frigates or interceptors) which are fitted with warp scramblers and stasis webbifiers. Usually they also have special fittings for speed, like microwarp drives.


How well your ships deals with damage. There are both shield boosters, shield rechargers, armor repairer and various modules that increases either shield or armor resistancies to damage.


Means slowing somebody down, using a module like the 'Stasis Webifier I' and similar modules. They will reduce the targets speed by 75% or more.

Generic Internet Abbreviations

AFK = Away From Keyboard
DC = Disconnected
CI = Connection Interrupted

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