Enemy Territory

Project: Crockett

The objective

There is no real objective, other than having a mod where I can develop features.

Implemented features

f001 - Branding the mod
f002 - Show triggers during map development
f003 - Double jump
f004 - Show speedometer
f005 - Show local clock
f006 - XP saver
f007 - Entity Information
f008 - Eternal XP saver
f009 - List map rotation
f010 - Limbo button on the intermission screen
f011 - Console command to print accum values
f012 - Refresh list / Stop refresh button dual mode
f013 - Isolated the 'No Problem' voice over from 'You're Welcome'
f014 - Player search function in the server browser
f015 - Show compass and command map while spectating or dead
f016 - Branding the mod with a logo on the main menu
f017 - Easy teleportation

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