Enemy Territory

Project: Bug Fix

The objective

The goal of this project is to provide modders in the ET community with a SDK code base that contains fixes for various bugs which are present in the stock etmain game (version 2.60).

26th september 2006: Sadly bugfix 088 had a bug :-( There were 3 lines that should have been deleted for the fix to work correctly.

ID Summary 2.60 SDK Side
099 Calling for a lot of artillery or airstrikes can result voice over spam Still present Server
098 Garand couldn't reload mid-clip Still present Server & Client optional
097 Kick command is not able to kick some players by name Still present Server
096 Complaint votes sticks around, so vote no if we have complaints turned off Still present Client
095 Campaign window not big enough to contain big campaigns Still present Client
094 Playing time shown at debriefing keep increasing Still present Server
093 Lag-o-meter ping not correct during demo playback Still present Client
092 Custom 5 minute warning is the same as 2 minute warning Still present Client
091 Spawnpoints not movable Still present Server
090 Sorting the maps, campaigns and mods list Still present Client
089 Player view is distorted in intermission if you have ridden an vehicle, mounted a tank Still present Server & Client
088 Players field of view at intermission is different if you had deployed a MG42 Still present Client
087 Player always mouting the last gun used, on multiple tank maps Still present Server
086 Helmet insignias glowed in the dark Still present Client
085 Compass icons were offset when zooming in or out Still present Client
084 Serverlist wraps Still present Client
083 Improving script error messages Still present Server
082 Centerprint messages looses the coloration when printing multiple lines Still present Client
081 During team switching you can sometime spawn immediately Still present Server
080 Breakable damage indicator can wrap when the entity has a lot of health Still present Server
079 Background images on the loading screen are not always shown Still present Client
078 Medic, death and objective icons on the scoreboard are drawn too big Still present Client
077 Player highlighting on the scoreboard was split into columns Still present Client
076 Scoreboard background draws double lines with higher resolutions Still present Client
075 Cleanups in clientside code 1 Still present Client
074 Cleanups in serverside code 2 Still present Server
073 Cleanups in bot code 2 Still present Server
072 Objective carrier icon caused class, xp, ping, lives text to be offset Still present Client
071 Objective carrier icon missing on compact scoreboard Still present Client
070 Cleanups in bot code 1 Still present Server
069 Cleanups in both side code 1 Still present Server & Client optional
068 Cleanups in serverside code 1 Still present Server
067 'callvote' command erros could be delayed Still present Server
066 VoiceChat spam protection messages was cluttering the popup messages Still present Server
065 'follow' error message when you are in limbo state was cluttering the popup messages Still present Server
064 'give skill' command now uses the set skill levels instead of giving 140 XP no matter what Still present Server
063 Players can appear duplicated in the scoreboard on large servers Still present Server
062 Flamethrower serverside chunks can fly across the map if aimed properly Still present Server
061 During intermission the 'players' command was checking the wrong flag to see who is ready Fixed in 2.60 Server
060 Muted players becoming referee can't get unmuted Still present Server
059 g_inactivity is missing from the pub cvar table, and causing a pointer crash Fixed in 2.60 Server
058 When the axis flag times out after being dropped, both the game code and script will display it Still present Server
057 Skull never leaving in menu after teamswitch Fixed in 2.60 Server
056 Various typos in the scripting system Still present Server
055 Error messages in the scripting system were printing the wrong index ranges Still present Server
054 Coverts shouldn't loose their uniform for using the binoculars Still present Server
053 Binoculars can no longer be applied when mobile mg42 is deployed Fixed in 2.60 Server & Client optional
052 Couldn't disarm enemy landmines when we have used all our own landmines Fixed in 2.60 Server
051 When a landmine cannot be placed, the correct amount of weapon charge is given back Fixed in 2.60 Server
050 Knife now has antilag Fixed in 2.60 Server
049 Correct placement of the map name Still present Client
048 Warmup damage change notifications has been moved from console-only to popup messages Still present Server
047 Output from various referee commands had typos Still present Server
046 Output from various commands are cluttering the popupmessages Still present Server
045 Akimbo weapons didn't use the spread reduction you get at level 3 light weapons Still present Server
044 Akimbo weapons can now lose XP on teamkills Fixed in 2.60 Server
043 Command map icons not showing on the correct level Still present Server & Client
042 'Competition settings loaded' and 'Public settings loaded' notifications are quickly overwritten Still present Server
041 (Un)lock team/spectator from ref command or Referee menu doesn't broadcast anything at all Still present Server
040 Pause and unpause from ref command or Referee menu doesn't broadcast a centerprint message Still present Server
039 Added <pid> to remove command in referee help text Still present Server
038 Removed the non-existing restart command from referee help text Still present Server
037 Negative XP doesn't show up on the playerstat dropdown Still present Server & Client optional
036 Mine flags blocking other mines from being spotted Still present Server
035 Compact scoreboard - Normal background is used when names are compact Still present Client
034 Compact scoreboard - Spectators written with wrong char size Still present Client
033 Compact scoreboard - Medals not showing up Still present Client
032 Medals clipped wrong in scoreboard when you're dead Still present Client
031 Show connecting people as connecting in the scoreboard and not as spectators Still present Client
030 Fireteam Delta's icon doesn't show up Still present Client
029 Medic revive, medic adrenaline and engineer pliers can't be used under water Still present Server & Client optional
028 Level 0 fieldops was using the medic charge times when handing out ammo Fixed in 2.60 Server & Client optional
027 Engineers at level 3 and higher used 66% of their chargebar for landmines, its now changed to 33% Fixed in 2.60 Server
026 Engineers landmine abilities are increased at level 2 instead of level 3 Still present Server & Client optional
025 Free look broken Fixed in 2.60 Client
024 No warmupdamage makes every func_explosive undamagable Still present Server
023 XP and Medals are indented incorrectly on the playerstat dropdown Still present Client
022 Damage distance falloff is inverted between 1500-2500 units Semi-fixed Server
021 When using Panzer and SMG, it switches to grenades and not the SMG after you fire the panzer Still present Client
020 Getting level 4 light weapons or heavy weapons during a map make people spawn as soldier with a SMG Semi-fixed Client
019 Player booted to spec if they have level 4 light weapon or heavy weapon skills at map start Still present Client
018 Respawn timer is shown while spectating Still present Client
017 Endgame awards and medals get handed out to the player with the highest XP in the different fields Still present Server
016 Persistent score doesn't get updated if there hasn't happened anything in the map Still present Server
015 No skill or XP displayed in the playerstat dropdown until a weapon has been fired Still present Server
014 Changed some ints to floats where they were being misused Fixed in 2.60 Server
013 XP points are sometimes displayed with many decimals Still present Server
012 stoprecord was missing from COMMANDS list Still present Server
011 Command completion client side wasn't up-to-date Still present Server
010 Making sure dead coverts loose their uniform [duplicate of b006]    
009 Spectators can hear when a covert spot a mine Still present Client
008 Round timer and respawn timer not shown when cg_drawFireteamOverlay is 0 Still present Client
007 Missing increase in accuracy (spread reduction) at level 3 Still present Server
006 Coverts can steal uniforms while wounded Fixed in 2.60 Server
005 Referee commands doesn't work in server console Still present Server
004 Rifle grenade through door exploit Fixed in 2.60 Server
003 Self headshot when proned Fixed in 2.60 Server
002 Backstab knife damage on wounded players exploit Semi-fixed Server
001 Oversize server commands Semi-fixed Server

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