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Posted 19-08-2007, 23:52:26

Description: Cycles through the different tracks for the background music you want with F10 (first click will stop the music). F9 stops the music.
Instructions: Put the text below into your config, replacing 'F9' and 'F10' with the buttons of your choice.

set music6 "stopsound; echo No music; set musicc vstr music5"
set music5 "music sound\music\doom1.wav; echo Doom 01; set musicc vstr music4"
set music4 "music sound\music\quake2.wav; echo Quake 02; set musicc vstr music3"
set music3 "music sound\music\quake1.wav; echo Quake 01; set musicc vstr music2"
set music2 "music sound\music\halo2.wav; echo Halo 02; set musicc vstr music1"
set music1 "music sound\music\halo1.wav; echo Halo 01; set musicc vstr music0"
set music0 "music sound\music\halo0.wav; echo Halo 00; set musicc vstr music6"
set musicc vstr music6
bind F10 "vstr musicc"
bind F9 "vstr music6"

This script can be used to add the instrumental experience we always wanted to the game.

In order to do this, create folder named "sound", inside create a new one called "music". Your music has to be added to this folder.

Using an editor or utility (i recommend nero wav editor), decompress your mp3s to wavs with the following settings (preferably):

-22050 khz
-16 bits

Once you are done with getting your wavs done, i recommend not adding more than 8 tracks, once you do this the right way, you can redo the entire process and add more tracks later.

Now create a pk3 file using Winzip or Winrar. Add the "sound\music\" folders content (obviously your tracks are inside), and name the pk3 file to "pak3", make sure you dont have any other pak3.pk3 file inside your "ETMAIN" folder before placing your new file on it.

Now to the script itself; just rename the ".wav" part of the script with the "nameofyourwav.wav"

set music0 "music music\depechemode.wav; echo Doom 01; set musicc vstr music6"

Note that depeche mode is my favorite band, so in case you are wondering, my new wav will be rename to that; and the "echo" part of the script will display onscreen the name of the wav, so change it for the name of the track like this:

set music0 "music music\depechemode.wav; echo Personal Jesus 01; set musicc vstr music6"

When you have finished modifying the script, rename it, add to your ET shortcut the command line "+exec "myscriptname.cfg" and place the script inside your ETMAIN folder, so at the end you will have this:

"C:\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +exec MyOwn.cfg


Can anyone tell me if this is accurate info, also a querry with a sentence above as follows:

"add to your ET shortcut the command line "+exec "myscriptname.cfg"

Now i have put this file (mine named musicfile.cfg) in server.cfg in etmain, this is what it looks like:


exec musicfile.cfg
exec modrun.cfg

Is this correct???
And one final question, does the script imply that all i need to do when entering the game to start the music is press F10 twice ?????
Posted 27-10-2007, 11:15:42
The stopsound command I did not find in the ET console but s_stop did seem to work fine instead.

Yes the first time you hit F10 it executes the music6 string that is intended to turn off any current music. The next time you hit F10 it executes the music5 string.

ET is finicky about the recordings it plays so test your cfg with music say from a few maps to confirm that it works before editing it to use your converted mp3s. And BTW the wav files listed I did not find in ET nor the handful of maps I checked out.

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