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Posted 19-08-2007, 23:11:19
Nice site here by the way, loads of et information i've never seen in one place before, anyway i've have a problem with playing music on my ET public 2.55 server. i got info and script for music on server from rtcw site and have done everything its asked but still no music. Script looks like this:

set music6 "stopsound; echo No music; set musicc vstr music5"
set music5 "music sound\music\doom1.wav; echo Doom 01; set musicc vstr music4"
set music4 "music sound\music\quake2.wav; echo Quake 02; set musicc vstr music3"
set music3 "music sound\music\quake1.wav; echo Quake 01; set musicc vstr music2"
set music2 "music sound\music\halo2.wav; echo Halo 02; set musicc vstr music1"
set music1 "music sound\music\halo1.wav; echo Halo 01; set musicc vstr music0"
set music0 "music sound\music\*****; echo *****; set musicc vstr music6"
set musicc vstr music6
bind F10 "vstr musicc"
bind F9 "vstr music6"

on the site it says i have to mod this but i only want one tune on there so i put it in music0 marked ***** is this correct??? also is the word musicc in the script typo???
If anyone could help me on this i would be very greatful as i've been trying to sort this out for months.
Posted 27-10-2007, 09:57:58
musicc is not a typo it is the user-defined cvar that holds the next set of commands that will be executed when you press the F10 button (see the bind F10...). If you don't like the spelling just replace the 9 occurrences of musicc with something else (say nextsong).
As to your other question, You do realize (I hope) that by putting your chosen tune in the music0 string that you would have to press F10 seven times before it will play. If you want it earlier in the cycle put it in a higher number (but not in music6).
(And for Linux you may need to change the slashes...)

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