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Posted 29-12-2006, 21:58:41
I am having troubles with animating my weapons... sorta. Animating is nto where I am havign problems, more or less getting these animations played.

What I want:
- Vertex animations in my weapon files to be played

What I know:
- Head animations using vertex animation within the head.md3 files work correctly.
- MD3 files support vertex animation
- My weapons seem to be only animated as static meshes using tags
- I can animate using tags within my weapons and everythign works as normal, the problem is more or less I want fingers to move via vertex animation

What I would really love someone to fill me in on if possible:
- What does the barrel anim bits, animated weap. and barrel draw bits inside the weapon.cfg files mean? I have tried setting animated weapon inside this file to 1 to get vertex animations played, but nothing makes a difference.
- Am I overlooking a feature within the code that is already implemented/partially implemeted to get vertex animations played for weapons, or am I looking at some coding? I can code, that's easy, but I don't want to replicate what's allready there, and considering vertex animations for heads work correctly I am almost positive that it would work for weapons as well.
- Example. TCE skips the handsmodel entirely and just uses the weapon view models and vertex animation to make the hands move... this is what I want as well.

I looked through the code and it "looks" as though vertex animations should be played for weapons, as all the frames are still being drawn, I just don't understand why they won't be played. Basically it appears as the model parts only play one base frame even though they have many frames, and the tags that normally drag these parts on the screen is what "animates" weapons.

Thanks in advance if anyone can give me a hand on the any above. I think my problems are more or less I am thinking in large chucks, but if anyone can give me a pointer in the direction I need to head (I don't need code/tutorials, I just would like to know where the right direction is to get these vertex animations played) I would be very thankful.

=>ETK<= Elite

Sometimes when I read what I post I think I help myself a tad... possibly. ANyhow, are these animations only read in the handsmodel files only? I think earlier I was thinking it would just grab the entire model data from all weapon files supplied if it was there and just play it if it existed (basically one frame would normally be in part models and just repeat). If so, is there a way I can "toggle" the drawing of the meshes inside the handsmodel files?
Posted 30-12-2006, 22:16:46
Problem solved**

Thanks anyhow.

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