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Posted 24-05-2007, 15:41:47

i would like to shooting a box and then the box movin one or two step in the path.

any idea ..

or i would like to make a little box, when it shoots sounds to him with the sound that I want.

ok tnx mate
Posted 26-05-2007, 13:27:51
To detect weaponsfire when shooting something,
you would have to make a script_mover, (don't forget the origin-brush),
and give it a "health" key, and a value (lets say "1000", just an example).
You should also give it a "scriptname" and "targetname" (for example "ShootThisBox")

You also have to create some script for the script_mover.
When the script_mover gets shot, it will run the code in the "pain" event-handler.
So.. that's where You should move the script_mover along Your path.
You should also add code to play the sound (see the script-reference of this site).

The code will look something like this:

gotomarker nextPathCorner 100 wait
playsound sound/mapname/BoxHitsound.wav

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